The Kenwood Press
: 09/01/2019

Village Chat for Sept. 1, 2019

Whew, I'm glad to have a brief respite from the summer heat. This issue we have a hot squirrel, some unintended “art,” and a lot of adventures.

On Aug. 15 it was so hot on Heidi Klyn's Oakmont deck that a squirrel laid down on the shady part of the railing to try to cool off. Heidi said that she's familiar with this little guy, as he and his sibling would come to play on her decks when they were small. They liked to see what was new and what they could find to play with, which was usually a little blue bird statue. I sure hope he regained his squirreliness!

But is it art?
Not an art car, but car art.

Is it art? That's the question Nigel Hall was asking when he saw this metal “sculpture” up in a tree on Warm Springs Road in Glen Ellen. Apparently a panel van got too close to the tree and lost one side. To me it looks like something you'd see at Burning Man, so I say, “yes.”

Kyle bunte
Kyle Bunte hiking through Grand Teton National Forest on the Continental Divide Trail.

Kyle Bunte is at it again. In 2017 he completed the Pacific Crest Trail, hiking from the Mexico border to the Canadian border. Now he's a thru-hiker on the Continental Divide Trail. Since starting in April, he has hiked over 1,700 miles so far, and is hoping to complete the trail by Oct. 1, before cold weather returns to the higher elevations. Total trail length is 3,100 miles between Mexico and Canada. Kyle's parents, Kathleen and Mark Bunte, met him for his Grand Teton section, and Kathleen said that other than being very skinny and very hungry, he is doing great. “No injuries at all and his feet are fine. He is determined to finish the whole trail, and we think he will succeed!”

Curtis and Linda Duff (outside) with Steve and Lori Thomas (inside) at the airport in Osaka, Japan.

In June, two Glen Ellen couples, Curtis and Linda Duff and Steve and Lori Thomas took a nine-day cruise around Japan. They left the day of the G20 Summit, and snapped a cute photo in the Osaka airport at the end of their trip. Thanks for remembering your KP, even if it was on the way home - that's better than a lot of folks!

Church of Spilt Blood
(L to R) Beth Kuhn, Peter Gordon, Joan Dinner, Terry Dalton, Toni and Chuck Casamento, and Marchelle and Curt Carleton at the Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood in St. Petersburg, Russia.

Joan Dinner sent in a photo from St. Petersburg, Russia. In July she was on a Baltic cruise with friends, including Sharon Cohn, featured winemaker for Breathless Wines. (That's some really delicious sparkling wine, I happen to know from first-hand experience.) Traveling with Joan were Beth Kuhn (Joan's sister), Peter Gordon, Terry Dalton, Toni and Chuck Casamento, and Marchelle and Curt Carleton.

Bob O’Brien and Deb Devoto
Bob O’Brien of Glen Ellen and Deb Devoto at the Roman Coliseum, where it was hot hot hot!

Meanwhile, in Rome, Bob O'Brien of Glen Ellen and Deb Devoto of Oakmont “enjoyed” the 103º July heat wave at the famous coliseum.

That's all I have room for this time. Thanks for all the news and photos, everyone! And for the rest of you, please send us your own news (with or without the KP). You can email it to, or call 833-5155 and chat me up! - AQP