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Letters to the Editor: 11/01/2019

Letters to the Editor Nov. 1, 2019

No good deed goes unpunished

Dear Editor,

I read with utter disbelief this past week’s news that some current and retired State Park rangers had sued to stop Transcendence Theatre from using Jack London State Park.

Transcendence has been nothing but a model partner for the park – with an internationally acclaimed, eight-year history of theatrical success – and a demonstrated track record of deep and abiding respect for the park’s history, culture, artifacts and grounds. For good measure, Transcendence has contributed over half a million dollars to the park at a time when budget cuts by the State of California threatened to close the park for good.

What could possibly be the motivation for such an ill-advised lawsuit? Could it be that these rangers just cannot accept the fact that the Park has been run so capably without them? Let’s just hope that the judicial process will preserve this unique community asset and partnership.

David Strand*

*Strand serves on the Transcendence Advisory Board. The opinions expressed here are his own.