The Kenwood Press
: 09/15/2020

Village Chat for Sept. 15, 2020

I hope this finds you staying indoors, out of the horrible air we're all trying not to breathe. Things are supposed to improve in the coming week - fingers crossed!

On Sept. 8, Bruce Goldstein (of Glen Ellen) retired from his job as Sonoma County Counsel - Congratulations, Bruce! The Board of Supervisors gave him a gold resolution and said a lot of nice things about him at their meeting, according to his wife Vicki Hill.

Bruce Goldstein
Bruce Goldstein retires

Among those, the resolution commended Bruce for successfully negotiating the biggest plaintiff case in County history, a $186 million settlement with PG&E for the 2017 Sonoma Complex Fires, and forming the Unaccompanied Child Immigration Defense Project for undocumented children arrested at the border. This unique government agency project, in which County Counsel staff and attorneys represented the minors, was replicated in other jurisdictions and was recognized by National Association of Counties and California State Association of Counties innovation awards. That led Bruce to help create the Secure Families Collaborative, a coalition of legal service agencies that provides deportation defense and affirmative immigration relief to Sonoma County families, and has helped over 175 families already.

There is so much more to say about Bruce, but you can see that he has certainly earned his retirement and we wish him well!

Ida Egli with the Oakmont Democrats sent this photo of two Oakmonters preparing for the Vote for America Walkathon, scheduled for this weekend, Sept. 18-20, in Oakmont.
Walk for America
Dr. Morgan Lambert (left) and Dr. Linda Lambert are getting ready for the Oakmont Democrats-sponsored Vote for America Walkathon.

Dr. Morgan Lambert, 93, going on 94, retired school superintendent and ardent letter-to-the-editor writer advocating for equity for working Americans, and his wife, Dr. Linda Lambert, Professor Emeritus from California State University, East Bay and local author, will be participating, and here they are warming up in their yard (see photo). Monies raised will be donated to groups supporting fair voting in the national and local November elections. If you want more information, or to join in, go to

Katy Biller is in the market for a new car. She and her husband Rudy were at their cabin in Tahoe when a neighbor called at 1 a.m. to tell them their car horn was going off.
Bear redecorates car
Katy Biller’s car after a bear spent the night in it.

Katy writes, “Sure enough, the windows were steamed up and the car was moving. I got Rudy up and he bravely opened the car door and the bear jumped out and ran up the tree in front of our house. The bear had opened up an unlocked door and the door closed. The bear ripped off all but one of the door panels and trim and probably did more damage. The insurance company totaled the car.”

Katy said they've had bears in their house before, eating everything in the freezer and cupboards and breaking windows. Now they have an electric bear fence protecting the house (but obviously not the car.) “It has been an interesting journey,” she said.

That's all I have room for this time. Thank you all for sending in your news. It's easy to do - just email, or call 833-5155 and chat me up! - AQP