The Kenwood Press
: 04/01/2018

Building wealth from within

Donna Colfer

How do we integrate our spirituality with our ability to earn money? And why is this important? One feels internal and the other external. How is integration possible? I describe this as “Building Wealth From Within.” When you start building wealth from the inside out, you’ll have a more sustainable model to feed your purpose in life.

Building wealth from within means to know yourself first. To know yourself takes time, patience, and allowing the silence within to be heard. In a world that values productivity, speed, consumption, and money, knowing yourself often takes a back seat… and leads to an unfulfilled life. Paraphrasing Deepak Chopra, “do less and you will achieve more” implies that coming home to one’s self more can often have a greater effect on what you’re trying so hard to achieve.

Let’s take a look at time and patience. Have you ever given in to taking the time to walk outside or meditating that extra 15 minutes? Remember how good it felt? The lid comes off the box labeled “I have to” get things done, and allows consciousness to expand. This receptive, timeless space is where ideas and other forms of creativity are born. Something otherwise trapped springs into existence. A spontaneous, intuitive flow grows, minus worry and fear.

Patience may allow the natural flow of energy the space to form its own result. In other words, there’s no push to control the outcome. You’re aligning your internal energy with the external energy observing the next best course of action. Again, staying with the flow; not pushing the river nor sitting on the bank letting it pass you by.

Letting the natural flow also gives you space to listen to your intuition, to take the time and patience to feel your gut and listen to the still small voice within. Your body never lies: you’re always being informed. Your stomach will tell you if you’re eating the wrong food. Your solar plexus will sense when there’s something wrong. Your heart will tell you when you’re out of alignment with your thinking. It’s a matter of shutting out the noise and recognizing your true nature. This is knowing yourself.

Now let’s look at money and building wealth. I think it’s safe to say we’re all looking for financial wellbeing, whether that means being debt-free, owning your own home, earning enough money to pay your bills, or being able to retire. There are many versions of financial happiness.

Another version of financial wellbeing is educating yourself around how money works in the world. This isn’t usually taught by our parents because no one taught them. And we don’t learn about money in school unless we specifically take those subjects. Taking a personal finance class, asking questions of your CPA, hiring a bookkeeper, and talking with a financial advisor about increasing and protecting your assets are all ways to learn how money works for you and how you work for money. Both are important.

Integrating the material world with your spiritual life is done by identifying your passion. What you’re passionate about in life creates the vision and purpose for being here. This vision holds the inspiration and enthusiasm for that purpose. It’s the fire that needs no wood to burn that ignites you into action more effortlessly. When you take the necessary action steps (the plan and strategy) to manifest that vision, you are now moving it forward in the material world. If you have passion about your work, you’ll think intuitively, practically, and spiritually to achieve it. We are usually taught to work, work, work for the money THEN you can choose a passion, and that method rarely works and flattens a lot of ill-formed dreams.

Balancing these two worlds takes consciousness and consistent intention. If you’re aware and awake in the present moment, forgive past grudges and resentments, and make peace with your personal history, you’re on your way to a new level of success. Trust that all the answers are within you; you become informed daily. Slow down long enough to hear inner wisdom so you can redefine what wealth means to you. This is what building wealth from within means.

Trust in a passionate vision for your life. Don’t allow the past to define what you are today… or tomorrow. Breathe life into your vision by creating a plan and strategy to manifest it in the material world. But it always depends on your heart and your spirit to ignite the strategy. At the foundation of your life is spirituality, the energetic flow that’s felt in the heart, in the spirit. Spirit, from the Latin “spirare,” means “to breathe,” and doesn’t all life start with a breath?