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Politics on Tap: 09/15/2018

A quick survey of county measures on Sonoma Valley ballots

Election Day on Nov. 6 will bring the usual potpourri of state and local measures to your ballot. There will also be a slew of candidates running for offices throughout the state and county, but that’s for a later edition.

The two measures appearing on Kenwood and Glen Ellen ballots are Measure M, a 1/8-cent sales tax increase hoping to raise $11.5 million for county and city parks and water improvements, and Measure T, a parcel tax for Glen Ellen Fire Protection District, which was covered in a separate Aug. 15 Kenwood Press article.

Oakmont residents will get to vote on Measure N, a Santa Rosa Housing Bond (not to exceed $124 million) that will pay a maximum of 12 percent interest. They will also have a say in passing Measure O, a quarter-cent sales tax for six years to raise $9 million in temporary funding to help with fire recovery and infrastructure, such as emergency services, repairing roads, and fire prevention.

People can find the details of these and 10 other local measures at the Sonoma County Registrar’s Office. An informative website for all of California’s measures and propositions can be found at

Twelve state propositions include four bond measures for housing assistance, housing for mentally ill individuals, water supply improvements, and building new children’s hospitals.

The remaining eight propositions include conforming daylight savings to Federal standards, a complex and confusing attempt to roll back the state’s new gasoline taxes, loosening of rules on transferring Prop. 13 tax breaks, clamping down on kidney dialysis charges, giving local government more rent control powers, and finally pretty much eliminating caging farm animals for production purposes.

These can be studied at a number of sources, including your voter guide, as well as a wide variety of web sites of various political persuasions. The League of Women Voters of California has always provided a comprehensive site for gathering information on California ballot issues and candidates,

The state voter guide is available now at, and both state and local guides will be mailed out after Sept. 27 and not later than Oct. 16.

Some important dates to remember:

Oct. 8 – Vote-by-mail ballots will start being mailed out.

Oct. 22 – Last day to register to vote.

Oct. 30 – Last day to apply for a vote-by-mail ballot by mail.

Nov. 6 – Election Day. Polls are open from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m.


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