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Village Chat: 10/15/2018

Village Chat for Oct. 15, 2018

Girl Scouts learning outdoor safety at Sugarloaf on their first campout in June.

The moms who lead the Girl Scouts in Kenwood, Abigail Bordigioni, Annalee Huber, and Lisa Scheftner have a message for you:

“We want to thank the wonderful women and men in Kenwood for their support of and kindness for Girl Scouts. We began the Kenwood Troop in the aftermath of our fires as a way to help our girls restore their sense of balance and place of heart. What began as a talk between moms walking dogs after drop-off last January has now bloomed into two troops of upwards of 30 Kenwood girls! Each one eager to learn new skills, earn patches, and very specifically, GIVE BACK to this special community.

“We leaders wanted to pause for a minute and just say THANK YOU to our Kenwood parents, students, stellar school faculty, and neighbors. Our girls have been so happy giving back. Organizing donations for fire victims. Being greeted with high-fives and thumbs-ups when out wearing their uniforms. Learning new life skills together. And beginning to forge the bonds of sisterhood with classmates and schoolmates.”

Actually, we're the ones who should be thanking you, Abigail, Annalee, Lisa and all the girl scouts!

Jerilynn and Rennie Babington have a beautiful new granddaughter, Leela Sophia Cuyler (their third grandchild). Leela's parents are Ali Babington and Gibson Cuyler. She was born at home in Berkeley on Aug. 9, and she will be baptized at St. Patrick's in Kenwood on Sunday, Oct. 14, one day before Jerilynn's birthday on the 15th. What a nice birthday present!

Bob O'Brien and Deb Devoto went to Burning Man last month, where they both volunteer in the medical tent. It was Deb's second year volunteering at the First Aid Station and Bob has been a medic there for the past seven years. Burning Man is already big (70,000 participants), and Bob says the rumor is it may get bigger. He wrote, “The Playa is a mile wide, and many more people come in RVs now. The tent dwelling is just too arduous for most (myself included). With so many people it's a bit tough getting in and out, but it gets done. Whiteouts are part of the deal, the music has gotten louder, and it goes 24 hours a day. The art cars are incredible, the art installations are ever better, and the people are spectacular.” Art at Burning Man is often enormous as well as interactive, and Bob sent some pictures, including the Car-Ka-Bob. This one caused a lot of injuries to the people climbing it and was shut down pretty quickly!

Halloween is coming up in a couple weeks, this year on a Wednesday, and your local Rotarians (Rotary Club of Glen Ellen-Kenwood) are hoping for a lot of trick-or-treaters at their “station” on Shaw Ave. They'll be in the driveway of club member Nicki Artieres' house near Los Guilicos, and should be one of several homes on that block that are going all out for Halloween this year. Look for the spooky décor and smoking cauldron!

A horse walks into a tasting room...
Jim Foley, AKA Seamus, has been getting ready for the grand opening celebration of the new Seamus Tasting Room in the Kenwood Shopping Center (Oct. 12-14). In the meantime he's been open for business and had some interesting visitors, as you can see here!

“Portrait of Cat With House”
Laura and John Benward live in a historic old house on Pythian Road that once was part of the Hood family, for whom the mountain was named. Recently their friend and artist Barrie Barnett gifted them an oil painting of their home, which Laura writes, “thanks to so many firefighters who camped out here, is still standing... while 360° around us was all but destroyed.”

The curious part, she says, is that she never asked Barrie to include the cat in the painting. “I asked her if she would create a painting of our home for my John, sharing my thoughts of his favorite things - the stone walls, the creek, the lighting, the palm trees, the view of the mountain, blah blah blah. But her interpretation had to do with the fact that the spirit of the cat was the strongest influence in this process, as he was absent for three weeks while we were evacuated and then returned to greet us when we came home, looking a little thin but somewhat relieved… we think!”

Sue Campbell in British Columbia with Bella and Buster
Sue Campbell in British Columbia with Bella and Buster.
Sue and John Campbell cruised around the Pacific Northwest on their 34-foot trawler, First Light, a few months ago. Sue wrote, “We traveled from Port Townsend to Tenedos Bay in Desolation Sound Marine State Park, British Columbia and back - total of 325 miles by boat across two straits, San Juan de Fuca and Strait of Georgia. Both can be challenging waters due to changing ebb and flow of tides, but our crossings were masterfully scheduled for slack waters by Captain John and we had uneventful crossings. We visited many San Juan and Gulf Islands, many marinas and one floating pub, chasing the craft beers! Our only disappointment was there were 60 wildfires burning in B.C., and the reported beautiful mountain views were obscured by smoke. We couldn't escape it!”

Peter Spann, asking the Oracle
Peter Spann, asking the Oracle.
Also traveling last month were Betsy and Peter Spann of Spann Vineyards. They went to Greece where Peter asked the Oracle at Delphi how this year's harvest would go. As you can imagine, the answer was not immediately forthcoming!

That's all I have room for this time. Thanks, everyone, for sending in all your news and photos for Village Chat. You can do it, too! Just email, or call 833-5155 and chat me up! - AQP


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