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Publishers' Corner: 11/01/2018

Politics – ugh

Next Tuesday is Election Day, Nov. 6, the mid-terms…

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I can hardly bring myself to listen to the news anymore. Practically every day brings a new horror (hate crimes, hurricanes, floods, mass shootings, mail bombs) or statements from politicians (one in particular) that only serve to enrage or completely dishearten me. My solution to this problem? The old “head in the sand” trick. Just stop listening to, reading about, or clicking on anything having to do with current events. The World Series was a good distraction, although it didn’t go long enough, even with that 18-inning game three, which Alec and I watched till the very end at 12:30 a.m.

The 49ers are no help at all. It’s too hard to watch them come up with new and inventive ways to lose a football game. I’m resorting to reading detective novels and catching up on various series on Netflix. And hey, did you hear that Meghan Markle is pregnant?!

Despite all this, real life has a way of insidiously creeping back in, and I was recently drawn into a discussion of one of the most divisive issues of all [scary music, please] – Daylight Savings Time.

Prop 7 is asking voters to allow the state legislature, with approval from the feds, to repeal the Daylight Saving Time Act of 1949, or keep it. In other words, we could go to permanent Daylight Savings Time or permanent Standard Time, or stick with the program we’re now on where the clocks move one hour forward in March and back one hour in November.

Got that? The voters aren’t approving anything, just voting to allow other people to change something… or not. But then if those other people vote to change something, it has to be OK’d by other people, see?

This led to a long discussion at work about the benefits and drawbacks of daylight savings time. I like it. Turning the clocks forward in the spring and having those long summer evenings reminds me of when I was a kid, staying out until it was dark and the fireflies came out. Sarah, on the other hand, doesn’t like it at all. She likes to gradually sink into the darkness of late fall and winter without being jolted into it when the clocks are turned back an hour. Jay agrees. It messes up his sleep for weeks. This is actually one of the arguments for not changing the clocks, along with the increased numbers of heart attacks, strokes and car accidents that happen during the changeover. Alec wants it to be light in the morning and light at night – is that too much to ask? Yes, it is.

If we go on permanent daylight savings time, it will be dark in the mornings during the winter, especially the further north you go. If we go on permanent standard time, the summer evenings will be shorter, but they’ll still be long since it will be summertime. But if we don’t go on daylight savings time we’ll be out of sync with the rest of the country, except for Arizona and Hawaii. You can see why this is such a political hot potato.

So on this super-important, divisive issue… I guess I could be convinced to vote for whatever it is they’re asking us to vote on. Oh, no, did I just change my mind?

– Ann


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