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Glen Ellen Telegram: 03/01/2019

An atmospheric river

Spring has definitely sprung, fueled by the plentiful rains we've had and are having. The forecast suggests that as this edition goes to print we will yet again be in the midst of a serious series of storms that could drop four to six inches in our area of the county within just a few days.

At our house this fall we decided to attempt precipitation record keeping. It's not super accurate and we arbitrarily started on Nov. 1 (unlike the official records that count our rain seasons from October to October), but we've been diligent about checking and recording and so far we've logged 37 inches. That is 37 inches since Nov. 1!

I researched climate records for Sonoma, California, spanning from 1893 to 2016, and found an average annual precipitation of 29.43 inches. So, we are already well up on the year with much more predicted to fall. Typically the months of January and February are our wettest, with averages of 6.14 and 5.27, respectively. Our personal house gauge indicated 12 inches for January and 13 inches for February. Clearly we are well above normal for this year.

This much rain can certainly cause headaches - flooded and closed roads, delayed construction projects, downed trees, erosion, etc. - but I've heard rumors of an impending spring super bloom throughout California, so at least that's something to look forward to. And, we can all be happy that our drought appears officially busted.

Springing from the earth

The oaks are waking up and soon, too, will the vines. Greens are multiplying in time for St. Patrick's Day. There truly is no green more vibrant than the first leaves of our valley in late February and early March. I struggle with what to call those strange newborn colors - chartreuse? neon?

All around our village the frames of re-built houses are rising so quickly. The progress in spite of the weather conditions has been heartening and staggering to those of us watching somewhat from afar, probably not without frustrations to the folks living through it. Nonetheless, the community is all at once rebuilding and reimagining and recovering elements of the past. I especially have loved seeing the signs and pumps begin to populate the side of Dunham's shop once more.

The buzz from around the bend

The Glen Ellen Firefighters' Association is reaching out to build a list of possible volunteers for their events. Community folks interested in supporting Station 5 in this way should contact Helyna Derickson at 721-6477. Also, save the date for the annual Mothers' Day Pancake Breakfast (best morning community event of the year!) on Sunday, May 12.

A relatively new but very passionate Glen Ellen business group has been meeting regularly and is now migrating to become a committee within the Glen Ellen Forum. Acting chair of the group is Laura Schermeister of Schermeister winery (check out their new tasting room in Jack London Village). This new committee joins the ranks of the very active Projects, Traffic & Safety, Community Engagement, and Eldridge Transition committees. The next Glen Ellen Forum town hall meeting will be on Monday, March 4 at 7 p.m. at the Garden Court Café. If you have questions about the meetings, or the forum in general, please email, go to the website, or follow the Glen Ellen Forum Facebook page.

The Glen Ellen Fair Association will start having monthly meetings (second Mondays) to begin planning Fair 2019. All are encouraged to get involved - it truly takes a village of volunteers to envision the theme, select the Grand Marshal, book all the vendors and acts, handle the raffle process, and be the boots on the ground the day of. Come to the first meeting on Monday, March 11, 6:30 p.m. in the Saloon Pool Room of the Jack London Lodge. If you have questions about the fair, or would like to be involved, email

The Jack London Yacht Club had an incredibly successful fundraising event, and has announced that the big event boat race will be held on Saturday, April 27. Details coming soon. Save the date!

As always, if you have any Glen Ellen-related news to announce, please email, or call 996-3352.

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