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Village Chat: 04/01/2019

Village Chat for April 1, 2019

bellach sign

The Kenwood Fire Department and Kenwood Firefighters Association had a party last month honoring Fire Chief Daren Bellach for 30 years in the fire service. The party included fellow firefighters from Kenwood and other departments, and, of course, the Bellach family was there in force. There were several nice tributes, including a letter from Senator Dianne Feinstein and a special poster for Daren, “Our Chief, Our Leader, Our Inspiration.” Amen to that! Congratulations, Chief Bellach!

Chad Wyatt
Chad Wyatt and his daughters Carmen and Dalilah with his award for Best Business Attorney.
Chad Wyatt, a lawyer who lives in Kenwood, was named “Best Business Attorney” in Sonoma County by the North Bay Bohemian newspaper. Chad has been in Kenwood since 2012, with his wife Cherylin and daughters Carmen, 7, and Dalilah, 4. Carmen is a first grader at Kenwood Elementary School, and Dalilah goes to preschool at Rainbow Garden on the Kenwood school campus. A couple of budding attorneys? Chad's law offices are in Santa Rosa where he specializes in business law, real estate law, and bankruptcy.

Gemma Guerrazzi goes to Emerson College in Boston. A communications major, she was recently nominated, along with six of her fellow producers, writers and directors, for a College Emmy for her work as a producer on Emerson's EVVY Awards. According to the school's website, the EVVY Awards is a platform to highlight outstanding student work and celebrate the artistic vision of all Emersonians. The awards show is made up of over 300 students with diverse majors and backgrounds, and is the nation's largest student-run, multi-camera, live awards show in the nation, judged by industry professionals. Congratulations, Gemma!

And speaking of nominations, the Kenwood Press is a finalist in two categories in the California News Publishers Association 2018 Awards. Our division is weeklies with circulations 4,300-11,000, and we're nominated for General Excellence (Feb. 1 and Feb. 15, 2018), and Feature Story for Sarah Phelps' article “Some burned-out homeowners turning to pre-fab houses” (March 1, 2018). As they say in the business, it's an honor just to be nominated, so “Thanks, CNPA!”

Some of our local artists were recently awarded Professional Advancement grants from Creative Sonoma. These grants were made available to help artists “re-launch” their careers after experiencing direct losses, including loss of their homes, studios and workplaces during the fires of 2017. Grants were funded by the National Endowment for the Arts, California Arts Council, and the Hewlett Foundation. Locally, grants were given to Glen Ellen residents Erick Dunn, an interactive light sculptor; Mary Neuer Lee, a jewelry and ceramic artist; filmmaker Claudia Meglin; and Kenwood resident and visual artist Susan Miron. Congratulations!

Ben Ostrander, a medical student at Johns Hopkins, still sports his “I read the Kenwood Press” license plate holder on his car in Baltimore. That car will soon be relocating to San Diego, because Ben just found out that he matched at U.C. San Diego for a six-year residency in Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery (also known as Ear, Nose, Throat specialists). Ben writes, “It is a long and complicated process. I applied last fall, went on interviews at different hospitals all over the country, and then submitted a “rank order list,” which is a prioritized list of programs where I would like to train. The programs submit a similar list and these preferences are put in a (Nobel Prize winning) algorithm, which matches our preferences as fairly as possible. We learn the result on Match Day in mid-March, when all graduating medical students across the country open an envelop at precisely 12 p.m. EST to learn their fates.” I know Ben's parents, Mona and Bill Ostrander, will be happy to have him back on the West Coast. Congratulations, Ben!

By the way, Ben is a graduate of Kenwood School, which seems to churn out these kinds of exceptional students. If you want to support the school, why not go to Lights, Camera, Auction, the Kenwood Education Foundation's biggest fundraiser of the year? It's on May 18 at the Hanna Boy's Center. You can find out more and get tickets at

wolf walk
Emma Chapin with her self-portrait.
In March the Girl Scouts of America turned 107, and to celebrate, our local scout leaders Abigail Bordigioni and Annalee Huber asked the girls of Troop 10282 to “Explore the World” and to see themselves as growing young leaders. The Brownies (grades 2-3) drew self-portraits, studied the globe and picked out a country, and then thought about “How we can make the world a better place.” For example, protecting the rainforest and developing a way to fly with birds. The Daisies (grades K-1) colored and talked about honesty, integrity, courage and character (the daisy petals). Love all this girl power!

wolf walk
Jimmy and Colleen Galvin went on a wolf walk in Colorado – Pike’s Peak in the distance.
Jimmy and Colleen Galvin did something pretty cool on their recent vacation to Colorado Springs - a wolf walk! Colorado Wolf Adventures offers educational programs and the opportunity to take a wolf, usually a rescued timber wolf mix, on a one-hour walk in the Pike's Peak region of the state. The pictures are spectacular, so if you're interested (kids must be at least eight years old to go on the walk and you must be at least 18 to hold the leash) check it out,
William Ryherd
William Ryherd in Dublin on St. Patrick’s Day.
William Ryheld sent us a picture from Dublin, Ireland on St. Patrick's Day! He was there with his daughters from San Diego, on a nine-day trip. They spent time in Galway, the Aran Islands, Belleek, Carrickfergus, Belfast, Trim, and Dublin.

Mario Azevedo
Mario Azevedo and Ericka Bothof in the village of Wainiyabia on Fiji.
Meanwhile, Mario Azevedo and Ericka Bothof were in Fiji, and signed up for a project in a village called Wainiyabia, helping install a water filtering system using chunks of coral. Mario said there was a local resident who went away to become a Marine Biologist and returned to the area to coordinate volunteer projects that help the villages become more environmentally developed. They found out about it through the resort where they stayed, and Mario said it was a great experience.

The beautiful new coffee table book about Sonoma Mountain, Where the World Begins: Sonoma Mountain Stories and Images, is now available in our office, as well as at Readers Books in Sonoma, or Copperfield's in Santa Rosa, Sebastopol and Petaluma. You can also order it from Sonoma Mountain Preservation at The book features 140 photographs, a dozen maps, and numerous quotes by people who know the land and its history. All the contributors live on or near the mountain, including Arthur Dawson, Meg Beeler, Rebecca Lawton and Tracy Salcedo, and photographer Ed Cooper. Check it out.

That's all I have room for. Thanks to everyone who sent in news and photos. You can do it, too! Just email or call 833-5155 and chat me up! - AQP


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