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Obituaries: 05/01/2019

Patricia Lynette Faires, 1936-2019

patti faires

Patricia Lynette Faires passed peacefully in her sleep into the arms of God early morning on Valentine’s Day, Feb. 14, 2019.

Born Patricia (Patti) Lynette Martin to parents Dorothy Veronica (Skip) Martin and Naval Commander Orvis Alden (Smokey) Martin in Coco Solo, Panama, Patti grew up as the firstborn of what would become five children amid military life. Patti and her younger sister Judy, along with her parents, survived the attack on Pearl Harbor and evacuated the islands on the USS Wharton. The ship took a torpedo by enemy forces but was able to continue the journey to safety to the mainland.

She met and married Donald E. Lane and gave birth to three sons, Clifford, Kennith and Ronald. Patti lived in Alaska while her first husband Don was serving in the Army. They later returned to the Bay Area where Patti worked as an office manager for several doctors. She later moved to Kenwood to raise her three boys in the country atmosphere. Their home was nicknamed “Creekside Lane,” and it was just that, leading her to host many wonderful parties and family gatherings. While in Kenwood, she worked in banking and then at Sonoma Developmental Center.

Patti later married John Faires of Novato, and became part of John’s family of nine grown children. Early in their marriage they moved to Hawthorne, Nevada, when John accepted a contract to install all electrical for a new military plant. They built a home on Walker Lake for entertaining all their children and friends. Patti and John had a home in Waikiki, Hawaii and the family has many great memories of vacationing treats at their homes. For many years, they were avid and adventurous travelers and frequently cruised many parts of the world making many close friends in the states and abroad.

Patti and John returned to Sonoma Valley where they always took great joy having Christmas for all of their extended family. Patti took employment again at SDC. She was a great asset in Purchasing Administration and Sunshine Program, interacting with clients for many years, which earned her much respect in all her roles. Patti was fun and lively, beloved by her students, co-workers, family and friends for her kind personality.

Patti and John enjoyed 40+ years of marriage. She is survived by husband, John Faires, her three siblings (her brother Michael preceded her in death) Judy (Ron) Williams of Kenwood, Tim Martin of Santa Rosa, Stephen (Noreen) Martin of Tucson, AZ; her three sons and their wives, Clifford and Margaret Lane of Antioch, Kennith and Bernadette Lane of Santa Rosa, Ronald and Betsye, (daughter Alexandria) Lane of Canandaigua, NY, as well as three grandchildren Amie Lane of Santa Rosa, Micah (wife Christin) Lane of Redding, Nathan Lane of Pittsburgh, PA, and Sarah (husband Luis) Ribagorda of Jersey City, NJ. and numerous nephews and nieces.

A special thank you to Susie Wulff, Elizabeth Prince and Sharon Baugher for years of love and devotion for Patti’s comfort and wellbeing.

Valentine’s Day is the day we celebrate love. Let’s all remember and say a prayer for Patti on that special day for years to come.

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