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Village Chat: 06/01/2019

Village Chat for June 1, 2019

We went to Lights, Camera, Auction, the big Kenwood Education Foundation fundraiser, on May 18 at Hanna Boys Center, and boy, was that fun! The theme was “Back to the 80s” - think Flashdance, Madonna, Miami Vice, a young Bruce Springsteen… This was the first year the event was at Hanna, and the timing could not have been better, as the party was entirely indoors on that unseasonably cold and rainy weekend. The KEF raised about $78,000 for school programs, including the school lunch program and STEAM activities. KEF president Cheryl Ghisla reports that revenue was up and expenses were down. That's what we like to hear!

mrs cox with kevin chapin
Teacher Tricia Cox with Kevin Chapin and his twin daughters Emma and Kaelynn.

Speaking of Kenwood School, teacher Tricia Cox is retiring this year after 31 years on the job. She started out as the third/fourth grade teacher, and has taught first and second as well, over a career that spanned two generations of Kenwood students. Kevin Chapin was in her first class back in 1988, and now his twin daughters Emma and Kaelynn are in Mrs. Cox' last class. As Principal/Superintendent Bob Bales said, “Hundreds of children have benefitted from her dedication, care and expertise during her three decades as a teacher at Kenwood School.” Resource Specialist Susan Raymond is also retiring after 25 years, and Bob said of her, “Susan has been instrumental in the success of so many children who have participated in her Resource Program during her 25 years at Kenwood School. Both Tricia and Susan will be missed by our students, staff and our entire school community.” Congratulations, Tricia and Susan, and enjoy retirement!

Lemon still life created by a Kenwood fifth grader.
Lemon still life created by a Kenwood fifth grader.
Artist Fred Parker has wrapped up another impressive year of Art Encounters at Kenwood School. Fred brings fellow artists to the school to teach the various grades art in different styles and different mediums, including computers and Photoshop, ceramics, mask making, plant art, still life with lemons, and more. In addition, while on campus, the visiting artists made their own paintings and works of art that you can purchase to raise funds for next year's program. Check it out at

A tiny patient and her happy mother in Harare, Zimbabwe.
A tiny patient and her happy mother in Harare, Zimbabwe.
Retired O.R. nurse Carleen Carolus sent in a report of her Operation of Hope mission trip to Zimbabwe in May, to assist in corrective facial surgeries, such as cleft palate repairs. “We have finally caught our collective breath, after a busy 10 days. A total of 82 procedures done by two teams, one in Bulawayo and the other in Harare. It has been a wonderful experience, a definite highlight of my 2019. Our first patient was a young man of 19, with a cleft lip. He was so happy at the results, by day four when he was discharged, he was still grinning. A great group of professionals, who I hope to work with again. Zimbabwe has many challenges, but it has crawled into my heart and I hope to return. One mom could not help herself - she started dancing in the recovery room.”

Newlyweds Lucy Ozkaya and Mike Bates.
Newlyweds Lucy Ozkaya and Mike Bates. Isabel Ollinger Photography
Congratulations to Lucy Ozkaya and Mike Bates who were married on March 2 in Sausalito. Lucy grew up in Kenwood, and many of her Kenwood family were present including godparents Liz and Mike Mullins and her honorary uncle Steve Rose and his wife Colleen. Mike's uncle Greg Cootsoona officiated the ceremony. Lucy's brother Andrew Ozkaya and his wife Anne were members of the wedding party and uncle Jeffery Maertins participated as well. Proud parents and former Kenwood residents Cindy and Umit Ozkaya and Mike's mom Kathy Bates welcomed 120 guests to the ceremony and reception in Sausalito overlooking San Francisco Bay. The day was romantically misty, lending a Fog City charm to the entire day. Lucy is a data analyst and Mike is an animator in San Francisco. They currently live in Marin with their cat Buster.

Nathan Ostrander and his mother, Mona.
Nathan Ostrander and his mother, Mona.
It was a momentous May for the Ostrander family. Nathan Ostrander graduated from Rochester Institute of Technology on May 10 with a B.S. in Motion Picture Science and is moving on to a career at Game Creek Video in New Hampshire. They make and operate television production trucks that operate at events such as the Super Bowl, World Series, NASCAR, U.S. Open Golf, and F.I.S. World Ski Championships. Nathan said, “It has been an incredible four years at RIT. Motion Picture Science is a game changer in the industry, and I am glad to have been able to get a degree in a multidisciplinary program like this. I am looking forward to getting out and representing RIT and MPS. To my family, friends, professors and bosses, thank you!”

Ben Ostrander, M.D., at his Johns Hopkins graduation.
Ben Ostrander, M.D., at his Johns Hopkins graduation.
Then on May 22, Nathan's brother Ben Ostrander graduated with an M.D. and M.S.E. from Johns Hopkins University and is going on to residency at U.C. San Diego in otolaryngology (ear, nose and throat) - head and neck surgery. Dr. Ostrander said, “Medical school was an incredible journey, full of tremendous personal growth, ballooning knowledge, fun times and tough times, and wonderful people who have never stopped surprising me, inspiring me, and driving me to be the best version of myself. Of course, I would not be here without them, without the loved ones, family, friends, mentors, advisers, teachers and others who shaped and encouraged me along this path.” He noted that it's really just the beginning though, and that it's the next six plus years that will shape him into the physician and surgeon he hopes to be. So big congratulations to Nathan and Ben, and even bigger congratulations to their parents, Mona and Bill, for raising two really great kids!

Joel and Maureen Feldman enjoying Bruges, Belgium.
Joel and Maureen Feldman enjoying Bruges, Belgium.
In April Maureen and Joel Feldman travelled to the Netherlands and Belgium to see the tulips in bloom. Joel said, “We were not disappointed; the Keukenhof Gardens near Amsterdam were fantastic… [But] the real treat was Bruges, Belgium, where we spent our first three days. It is a storybook fable town of canals and medieval houses, churches, wonderful restaurants and quaint hotels. The mussels and frites are the local specialty and we took advantage of having them whenever we could.” They also took advantage of the authentic Belgian chocolates that were available throughout the town!

Kit and Pam Kersch at Chatterbox Falls in British Columbia.
Kit and Pam Kersch at Chatterbox Falls in British Columbia.
In May, Captain Kit Kersch and Navigation Officer Pam Kersch chartered a 46-foot Grand Bankers trawler and cruised from Bellingham, Washington, to British Columbia. They went with 11 other boats up the Princess Louisa Inlet to Chatterbox Falls. Pam wrote, “High fjord-like walls 3,000 feet tall, pristine forests and waterfalls all around. It is like entering a cathedral. Amazing trip with weather that could not have been better.” They plan to cruise the Chesapeake Bay in June.

That's all I have room for this week.

Don't forget to send in your graduation news, especially all you high school grads. We'll publish the high school news in our next issue, so send it to me by June 10 at And to all our readers, we encourage you to send us any interesting tidbit you have for Village Chat. It's easy to do. Just email, or call 833-5155 and chat me up! - AQP


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