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Village Chat: 07/01/2019

Village Chat for July 1, 2019

Nora graduation photo
Nora Kallman
Nora Kallman graduated from Colorado State University last month, with a major in Equine Science and a minor in Business. She has a position as a horse trainer with Harmony Equine Ranch in Castle Rock, Colorado. According to Nora's mom, Robin, it's a fairly well known ranch owned by a nonprofit called The Dumb Friends League. They take abused and neglected horses, rehabilitate them, and get them trained and adopted to new owners. Nora calls herself a “social worker for horses.”

The Kallmans used to live in Kenwood, across from Plaza Park. Nora and her brother Sam (now an architect) attended Kenwood School, and their dad, Kjell, spearheaded the Kenwood Parade after the Pillow Fights ended. It's safe to say that without Kjell, our beautiful Kenwood 4th of July celebration might not have survived. He was a wonderful guy, and died way too soon, of cancer, shortly before the 2017 fires. In fact, Kjell's memorial service at the Maple Ring was Oct. 7, the day before the fire. So Nora has had a long road to get to this point, and she's an amazing person, as is the whole family. Sam is now living in New York City where he is with Sciame Construction and is working as a Project Manager to add to his resume as an architect. He just completed a big project on the High Line, which Robin said is “super cool and was a huge learning experience for him.” Go to to see what he's been up to. Robin has since moved up to Washington State, but we'll always consider the Kallmans as honorary Kenwoodians.

Savannah Bertrand
U.C.S.B. graduate Savannah Bertrand, center, with her Alpha Phi sorority sisters.
Savannah Bertrand graduated from U.C. Santa Barbara - at the top of her class and in just three years - congratulations! Savannah grew up in Glen Ellen, mainly at the Glen Ellen Inn Restaurant that her parents Karen and Chris own and operate. Karen says that Savannah is currently taking a few summer classes at U.C.S.B. and interning at the Environmental Defense Fund until fall. Then she's going to Washington, D.C. to attend U.C.D.C., which is an extension of the U.C. system. She's interested in environmental law, so that's is a good place to start.

Kenwood Community Church's women's group W.O.W. (Women of the World) held their end-of-the-season High Tea on May 15, with 23 ladies in attendance, many of whom wore tea hats, Derby hats, and fascinators. Laura Lamar reports that even the new pastor, the Rev. Dr. Larry Hallett, attended and gamely wore a borrowed hat - the perfect picture of a California Padre.

W.O.W. meets monthly from September through May on the third Wednesday of the month at noon for potluck lunch and presentations on a wide variety of topics. Community outreach and service projects are also at the heart of the group's activities. Everyone is welcome. Laura says, “If this sounds like your cup of tea, come join us for lunch the third Wednesday in September!” For more information, call the church at 833-1087.

Sandy and Ron Dodge
Sandy and Ron Dodge at the Newseum in Washington, D.C.
Sandy and Ron Dodge, who live off Sonoma Mountain Road, recently returned from an East Coast vacation to historical sites, which included Washington, D.C. They visited the Smithsonian, war memorials, had a city tour, and an interesting visit to the Newseum (, a news media museum and educational organization focusing on the role of a free press in the preservation of first amendment rights. Ron said that exhibits there explained how media coverage in America contributes to the formation of public opinion, which supports policy change at national and local levels, and the consequences to citizens of countries that lack a free press. In-depth exhibits featured coverage of various major events such as 9/11, the civil rights movement, the Vietnam War, and the fall of the Berlin Wall. But this is my favorite part: Display cases outside the building featured a current newspaper from each state and a number of foreign countries. Sandy and Ron explained to the Newseum that a Southern California newspaper was far less relevant to their community than the Kenwood Press, which they just happened to have in their possession, and a sympathetic staff member agreed to change the display. Thanks, Sandy and Ron!

So many people have been traveling and sending pictures. I haven't had room and am starting to get quite a backlog, but don't let that stop you from sending in your own photos. Here are a few more:

Knapps in Norway
James and Debbie Knapp in Oslo
James and Debbie Knapp took a trip to Norway and Finland in May. They sent in this picture from Oslo, of the two of them sharing a laugh over the Kenwood Press - probably the Crime Watch. According to James, that's 96-year-old Olaf Thon, owner of a chain of nice hotels in Norway, and regular reader of the Kenwood Press. He looks very well preserved.

iguana reads the kp
Right: An iguana ignores the KP on Santa Fe Island.
Also in May, Todd Board sent us a photo from the Galapagos showing Kathy Speas on Santa Fe Island sharing news of the broader world with a marine iguana, who demonstrates the famously Zen-like detachment of Galapagos denizens. Todd said, “For those keeping score, her two feet are the requisite six feet away from the large iguana's four feet.” Thanks, Todd and Kathy!

women abot the SS Beatrice
Aboard the SS Beatrice: Jan Conklin, Priscilla Roslyn, Trish Mitchell, Jeanne Gilbert, Madeleine Bruley, Judy, Susan Curry, Melinda Evans, Lindy McClaren, Heidi Klyn, Mary Costa, Donna Glecker, Sandy Shaner, Sharon Asiello, and Carolita Carr at a dinner party on the bow of the ship overlooking the harbor in Budapest.
Heidi Klyn went to Europe with 15 friends, 12 of them from Oakmont. They started out in Prague, Czech Republic, then took a cruise on the Danube to Hungary on the SS Beatrice by Uniworld, with stops in Germany and Austria, going through 21 locks and under countless bridges. Heidi said, “Everyone needs to take this trip; there is so much history dating back to the Roman Empire.”

Important reminder: We do not publish a July 15th issue of the Kenwood Press, so the next time you see us in your mailbox will be Aug. 1. Have a safe and fun 4th of July!

That's all for now. Please continue to send us your news and photos for Village Chat. It's easy to do, just email, or call 833-5155 and chat me up! - AQP


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