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Village Chat: 08/15/2019

Village Chat for August 15, 2019

Tony Ghisla is getting some well-deserved accolades as this year's recipient of the 4-H Alumni Recognition Award, given by the Youth Ag & Leadership Foundation of Sonoma County. The award honors a former 4-H Club member who upholds the values of leadership, citizenship and community service, which are the hallmarks of the 4-H program. Tony will be recognized at the foundation's annual BBQ fundraiser on Aug. 24 at Richard's Grove and Saralee's Vineyard in Windsor. For tickets, go to

Tony Ghisla
Tony Ghisla
Tony told the Sonoma-Marin Farm News, “4-H taught me to be disciplined, organized and to determine priorities and set timelines. We also learned that sometimes you win and sometimes you lose. These were life lessons that have carried me through the years.”

Tony grew up in Kenwood, where he excelled in the local Kenwood 4-H Club. Our club is longer around, but local kids can participate with Annadel 4-H or Sonoma Valley 4-H. Tony works for Poppy Bank as executive vice president and chief lending officer. He lives in Kenwood with his wife Cheryl and is an active member of the Kenwood Firefighter's Association. Congratulations, Tony!

The Valley of the Moon Children's Foundation held their annual college and trade school scholarship awards luncheon on July 29 at the Wild Oak Saddle Club. This year, the foundation, an all-volunteer, nonprofit organization, raised over $150,000 to “support the educational dreams of 48 youth and young adults who once faced abuse, neglect or abandonment at home.” Board President Laura Colgate explained, “We have seen former foster youth graduate from trade schools, junior college, four-year universities and beyond.”

Miriam Araya
Miriam Araya
One recipient of foundation support is 29-year-old Miriam Araya, who is using her 2019 grant to launch her Ph.D. work at Arizona State University this month. She hopes to become a college professor one day, a dream built with VMCF's financial help that also supported her through her undergraduate and master's degrees in Criminal Justice. Miriam couldn't attend the luncheon, but she wrote to the Foundation, “Receiving financial assistance from Valley of the Moon Children's Foundation not only removes much of the financial stress from my life, but also the emotional and physical. They offer me a sense of belonging in a world that tells me that I don't belong. In a world that tells me I have greater odds of being incarcerated than I do receiving a graduate degree. In a world where so many foster youth go hungry and homeless, I am blessed to say that I have been afforded the privilege of having the support from the Valley of the Moon Children's Foundation.”

As Laura Colgate said, “It shows that if you invest in a young person's future, the value returned is priceless.”

Laura Colgate speaking at the foundation’s scholarship awards luncheon
VMCF Board President Laura Colgate speaking at the foundation’s scholarship awards luncheon.
The Foundation also helps the Valley of the Moon Children's Home develop as a therapeutic and educational program for foster children coping with the trauma of abuse and neglect. Find out more about the foundation at To find out about volunteering at VMCH, call 565-6350.

People are going all kinds of places this summer.

Peter Hockman (left) with Rocky and Aurora Vogler in Reno
Peter Hockman (left) with Rocky and Aurora Vogler in Reno.
Returning from a road trip to Idaho and Utah last month, Rocky Vogler and his daughter Aurora stayed in Reno at the Grand Sierra Resort and visited with Peter Hockman, who used to run the after-school Cougar Club program at Kenwood School. Rocky reports that Peter greatly misses his extended Kenwood family, but is settling into his new life in Reno and spending quality time snowboarding, hiking and sneaking the occasional quick trip to the Sonoma Coast to surf the perfect set of waves. This is a first for us - a picture inside a casino.

Christine and Javier Tenorio with kids in alaska
Christine and Javier Tenorio with Jacob and Grant looking for bears in Alaska.
In July the Tenorio family - Javier, Christine, Jacob and Grant - went on an Alaskan cruise. In Ketchikan they chartered a bush plane to take them black bear viewing near Neets Bay. Tenorio wrote, “We landed on a nearby lake and witnessed bald eagles flying overhead along with a black bear strolling nearby.” And they took along their Kenwood Press. Thanks!

altergotts in italy
Joe Palese (left) and Jeffrey Altergott in Garguso, Italy
At the end of June, Joe Palese and Jeffrey Altergott were in Italy, vacationing and doing genealogy research. They found birth records for Jeffrey's great grandfather in the village of Laurino, and in the village of Garaguso, the birth records for Joe's great grandfather and great great grandfather. They also introduced their own village of Kenwood to Italy, via their copy of the KP. Thanks, guys!

That's all I have room for now. If you have an item for Village Chat - weddings, babies, trips, events, awards, graduations, anything of interest, please send it in. It's easy! Just email, or call 833-5155 and chat me up! - AQP


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