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Letters to the Editor: 09/01/2019

Letters to the Editor

Nationwide Climate Strike in Sonoma County

Dear Editor,

Our amazing and beautiful planet is clearly in trouble, and the approximately 8.1 million species who depend on her need our voices and bodies to fight for their survival on this big, beautiful, blue ball of life.

I have had the conversation with many friends about the future of the planet. What to do, what to give up, what we think we canít possibly give up, and how we are locked into our way of life. These are all real issues. I often think we give these worries more weight than they deserve. I believe I have the power to make anything happen that I choose. No one can sell me something I choose not to buy. I have heard ďitís too late,Ē or ďI am not willing to do without certain things.Ē We donít know if itís too late! Look around! This earth of ours is remarkable, and if we choose to clean up our mess, our planet may just respond and purge what we have done to her, with vigor!

As for what we canít live without, perhaps itís time we found out. The choices we make impact everyone as well as future generations. I have no idea what the answer is. I only know I do want to honor this amazing planet. We need like-minded bodies and voices to push for change that can matter.

I personally do all I can to change the trajectory of our dire prognosis. I am choosing to take the feelings of fear and sadness and turn them into productive energy with the hope of repairing some of the damage we have caused, one bee, one milkweed plant at a time, with a zero waste attitude.

I am your neighbor and I know you are just as concerned as I am. Letís take a walk together.

The Climate Strike event is scheduled for noon on Friday, Sept. 20, at Old Courthouse Square.

I will be at Melita Road and Highway 12 at 9:30 a.m. that morning, with sign in hand. From Melita Road to Old Courthouse Square is 5.7 miles along Highway 12 and 4th Street. Check out the bus schedule for your return back.

If you go to #strikewithus on Facebook there is a list of all the different cities with locations for that day. This is the nation, as well as the world, demanding attention to the crisis.

Very sincerely,
Lorrinda Olson-Madsen

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