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Obituaries: 10/15/2019

Albert Joseph Sunseri, 1928-2019

Albert Sunseri

Albert (Al/Albie) Joseph Sunseri was born in San Francisco on Sept. 13, 1928, and passed away on Aug. 22, 2019, three weeks before his 91st birthday. He was a resident of Santa Rosa and recently Petaluma. He was the son of Italian immigrants, Frank and Stefana Sunseri. He had two sisters, Angelina and Grace. He leaves behind his sister Grace Aragona, his nephews Bill Aragona and Jack Dempsey, and his nieces Nanci Dempsey and Donna Skovgaard. And he has a long list of grand nieces and nephews.

Affectionately known as “Uncle Al, the Kiddies’ Pal!” Al was a devoted, loving family man and enjoyed a wide circle of friends, many dating back to his grammar school days.

His lifelong career as a professional trumpet player included travels with the Stan Kenton band throughout the U.S. and he played for many musicals at the Curran and Orpheum theatres in San Francisco. One of his greatest achievements was his 35 years playing at the famous Fairmont Hotel in the City.

Al’s incredible compassion for others, his generosity, and his unique sense of humor made him beyond special as the brother, uncle, and best friend we will forever hold in our hearts. A Celebration of Life was held on Oct. 8. Friends may call or email Bill Aragona at 831-688-2378, or

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