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Understanding Your Relationship with Money: 11/15/2019

Holding resistance in a material world

Are you on a spiritual or artistic path and have difficulty living in the material world? Do you have the tendency to be passive, detached, and a loner when it comes to money? If this sounds about right, then you embody the “Creator/Artist” money type.

The biggest fear for Creators/Artists is being inauthentic or not being true to themselves: selling out to the almighty dollar. Did you grow up hearing “money is dirty” or “rich people are greedy and did bad things to get money” and believed it? Be careful! This is a form of unconscious resistance to receiving and valuing your work in the world.

Unknowingly, holding this resistance in a material world develops a conflicted love/hate relationship with money. The Creator/Artist loves loving money for what it can buy – rent, food, art supplies, etc. – and despising people who have too much of it. Keep in mind it’s almost impossible to attract what you are repelled by. You’ll give the universe mixed messages. These mixed messages are the result of not only your learned judgments from childhood but also your over-identification with the interior world without balancing it with the material one. In this way, the Creator/Artist is constantly struggling for financial survival.

I had a client who worked hard as a successful mortgage broker. Even though she made good money she felt it was “slipping through her fingers” and she was “always chasing after it.” After analyzing her cash flow statement I noticed how much she was tithing to her church right off the top before “paying herself first.” When I asked her about it she said firmly, “I believe in giving away 10 percent of my gross income.” I continued with other expense categories, questioning where she was willing to cut back, then targeted her specific financial goals. By our next session, she had thought about our conversation and decided to tithe 10 percent AFTER deducting business expenses. This decision gave her an extra thousand dollars a month toward her daughter’s college education, saving towards a more reliable car, and peace of mind that she could still tithe 10 percent to her church and remain a big part of her spiritual community. I was so proud of her courage and willingness to make a shift where there was once resistance, integrating her spiritual world with her material one to end her financial struggles.

The Creator/Artist is one of my favorite money types. They have passion, inspiration, and enthusiasm for what they can create in the world! They have that fire within that needs no wood to burn. Look at any gifted artist and what they’re able to create. But when it comes to making money I hear them say, “If I try too hard it will look like I’m being greedy and inauthentic.” Then they pull back, play small, and deny their true value. This is a self-sabotaging money pattern that keeps them “starving.” I often hear my artist clients say their mother or father always told them they wouldn’t be able to earn a living “doing their art,” and then made it a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Find the balance between what you are truly passionate about and a way to create it in the world. This means intentionally creating your “vision” first, then focusing on a plan and strategy, the “what” and “how” of success in your vision. If there’s resistance, look at what’s behind it. Moving into the resistance is the gateway to transformation. Remember, you don’t need to do it alone.

In future articles I’ll continue to explain the eight Money Types and their key healings. Remember: these Money Types aren’t meant to label you. They are not your personality or “who you are.” They simply indicate your behavior around money, and they can change through awareness and action.

Wishing you all a Happy Thanksgiving! After the chaos of the recent fires, mass evacuations, and power outages, I sure hope you’re doing well. Remember, there’s so much to be grateful for.

To learn more about your relationship with money, visit and take the complimentary “Money Type Quiz.” Only you will see the results. Or contact me at

To learn more about your relationship with money, visit and take the complimentary “Money Type Quiz.” Only you will see the results. Or contact me at

Donna Colfer has worked in financial management since 1987. As a Financial Counselor and a Certified Money Coach, she blends her financial expertise with spiritual counseling in her private practice in Sonoma. A Valley resident since 1981, Donna and her husband, Randy, reside in Kenwood.

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