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Village Chat: 11/15/2019

Village Chat for Nov. 15, 2019

baby dillon
A lot has happened in baby Dillon McDonald’s life so far!
Molly Cruit and Conor McDonald welcomed baby Dillon Cruit McDonald to Kenwood on Oct. 10. Dillon, born during the first round of power outages, weighed in at 7 lbs., 14 oz. Molly said they headed to the hospital in the pitch-black, leaving their two-year-old daughter Penny with her parents, with no power or running water. She wrote:

“When we came home that Sunday the power was back on. Then Monday night he had his first earthquake and Tuesday night our neighbor's tree fell at 2:30 in the morning. We managed to miss the second power outage by one street, but the winds picked up and the power went out again.

“This third power outage made us feel like pioneers, especially with a two-week-old. We cooked by candlelight on open fire, and went almost five days with no showers or laundry.” You can imagine how happy they all were when the power came back on. Molly said, “You can't appreciate a shower or laundry more than with the messiness of a newborn and toddler for five days. Dillon has had quite a birth story in his almost one month here. We are so excited he is here to share in this wild ride!”

king snake on ground
AA king snake surprised customers at Swede’s Feeds.
And it is still a little wild in these parts. In mid-October over at Swede's Feeds, a little king snake slithered into the parking lot and underneath a customer's car. Katie Aimo, who works there, said the lady waited inside her car for about five minutes while they removed it and put it in their garden. Katie said, “We have seen it once more since in our grain barn, hopefully looking for a mouse. Happy to have him around.”

Back in September (seems so long ago!) the Kenwood sixth grade class held their annual Spaghetti Feed to raise money for their Outdoor Education trip to the Marin Headlands. The event, at the Maple Ring off Kenilworth Avenue, was a huge success, raising over $16,000. According to Kristen Lamar, one of the organizers, they had 30 cakes in the dessert auction, and several had multiple bids over $400. The kids headed off to Marin the following week. How sweet it is!

Jacob Tenorio
Third-grader Sophia Seller (below) was Secretary for a day at Kenwood School, while Principal for a Day Jacob Tenorio, above, got some pointers from Superintendent/Principal Bob Bales.
Sophia Seller
And speaking of Kenwood School, two students got to be Principal for a Day and Secretary for a Day on Friday, Oct. 18. The “Principal” was first-grader Jacob Tenorio, in Mrs. Seyms and Mrs. Sedgwick's class, and “Secretary” was third-grader Sophia Seller in Mrs. Forster's class. These coveted positions were purchased by their parents at the school's “Lights, Camera, Auction!” fundraiser last year. In previous years, principals have extended recess by 10 minutes and provided hot chocolate for the entire school. Secretaries get to answer phones and hang out in the office with Suzanne Borgert, who presumably gets the day off.

1949 fire truck
Jimmy Galvin’s new, fully functional, 1949 fire engine.
Jimmy Galvin has a new toy… I mean truck… that is, a shiny 1949 fire engine that belonged to Doobie Brothers drummer John Hartman. Hartman had it on his Bennett Valley ranch for years. Jimmy says it is fully functional, and he plans to keep it and run it around. The vehicle joins Jimmy's 1946 Chevy half-ton flatbed truck that was burned almost beyond repair during the Nuns Fire. Its front fender and grill somehow remained unscathed, so he restored it, getting it back in running condition, but keeping its fire-damaged exterior, and painting “Sonoma Strong - Survivor Oct. 2017” on the back of the cab. So now Jimmy has a fire truck and a fire truck.

Laurie and Bill Simi
Laurie and Bill Simi on Liberty Island in New York
Laurie and Bill Simi sent us a picture from New York City, on Liberty Island. Laurie has never lived in Kenwood, but she and Bill got married at Kenwood Community Church in 1981, and her family has owned seven acres on Adobe Canyon Road since 1907. Laurie wrote, “We have four cabins there and I have been going there very often my whole life. I am now 64 years old. My husband has been going to our cabins with me since 1980. We have subscribed to the Kenwood Press for many years. Kenwood is now and has always been my favorite place on earth!!” Amen to that!

Rudy and Katy Biller
Rudy and Katy Biller at Oktoberfest in Munich
Last month Katy and Rudy Biller returned home after 21 days in France and Germany, where Rudy is from, finishing their trip at Oktoberfest in Munich. Katy wrote, “We visited the medieval hill towns of Provence for five days. We took a tram to the top of Mont Blanc (15,000 feet) in Chamonix. We were dizzy and in awe of the views. We visited the Black Forest, Boden See, Strasbourg and Rudy's family near Stuttgart. It was a wonderful journey.”

Mark Gonzalves
Mark Gonzalves at the Kanazawa castle in Japan.
And Mark and Christine Gonzalves are just back from a cultural tour of Japan that sounds fantastic. In Tokyo they visited the Yasukuni Shrine for all fallen soldiers of Japan, the Tokyo National Museum, and a lecture and a live performance of Kabuki Theatre. They traveled to the feudal town of Matsumoto to see the castle and a demonstration of lacquerware, then through the 'Japanese Alps' to Takayama and its sake breweries, on to Kanazawa, a town spared from extensive bombing during WWII, visiting the Kanazawa castle and the Kenrokuen Gardens, and spent their last five days in Kyoto, seeing the Golden and Silver Temples, a Shogun's Court, Ninja castle (second in power to the Shogun), and a traditional Tea Ceremony. Mark said, “We went to explore a different culture and learn a bit of history that we are little exposed to in the U.S. The culture was fascinating and history in some ways matched European feudal times. The people were friendly and we would return for more adventures as we just touched the surface.”

Thanks, everybody, for sending in all your news and photos for Village Chat! The rest of you can do it, too. Just email, or call 833-5155 and chat me up! - AQP


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