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Letters to the Editor: 01/15/2020

Letters to the Editor

Notice of SDC road closures

Dear Sonoma County Community Members:

The California Department of Developmental Services Office of Protective Services (OPS) requests your assistance and support in sharing the following information with family, friends, and neighbors.

The state property of the former Sonoma Developmental Center (SDC) continues to be accessible to pedestrians and bicyclists in non-prohibited areas. However, OPS has determined a need to restrict vehicle traffic on campus to prevent trespassing. Vehicles will be prohibited from accessing peripheral areas along Holt, Wilson, Harney, and Railroad roads. The closed roadways will be cordoned off using pole gates. Pedestrians and cyclists will continue to have access; however, vehicles entering these closed areas will be considered trespassing. As a reminder, there are areas of the campus that remain closed to the public. Specifically, individuals are prohibited from accessing both reservoirs (for hiking, fishing or swimming), areas affected by the recent fires (including the farm area and Sunrise Industries), and all vacant buildings and parking lots.

As with earlier advisements, we greatly appreciate the community’s assistance in sharing this message. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Office of Protective Services at SDC at 938-6100.

J. Irigoyen, Chief
Office of Protective Services

[ED NOTE: This policy was modified to permit the usual hiking after printing. See our Jan. 16 post onFacebook.

Thanks for Comcast article

Dear Editor,

I’d like to thank Peter Gruchawka for his brilliantly written Guest Editor column, (“Comcast can improve communications during disasters”, Dec. 15) about our lack of Comcast Xfinity service during the 10 day PG&E power outage last fall. In his exposé, Pete points out that this service provider, could “implement a backup plan” but has not spent the money to do so. That in times of dire emergencies our internet may be our only source of communication.

Peter spent the time and effort to obtain a refund for those days from Comcast. He wrote that Internet and telephone customers must demand a reliable solution. Pete further points out that by calling Comcast and asking for a refund for the 10 days that we were without the service, it might help compel Comcast to implement a reliable backup power plan, for use during PG&E outages.

Yesterday I called Comcast (866-316-1619) and was granted a $99.78 credit/refund. The man I spoke to was very professional and courteous, said I had called the right place, and said that there would be no problem getting the refund. He first had to check the system to see how many days we were without the service, then put me on hold, then reported back it was 10 days. Just as Pete said in his column. I was provided a $99.78 credit/refund.

I am going to email all the field representatives for our Senator, Congressman and Supervisor and ask the three questions that Peter suggests. 1. “Where is my refund for lack of service by Comcast during the fires?” (FYI the Comcast agent I spoke to said, that at this time one must make a requesting order to get a refund... which is unconscionable) 2. “What is the specific plan for backup power for the Comcast network?” And 3. “When will it happen?”

I urge you to do the same! This is unfortunately the new world we live in, and it will take personal effort to make the future as good as it can get.

Thanks again Pete!
Catherine Moylan Jefferson

Praise for Kenwood School’s environmental efforts

Dear Editor,

Please give a big shout out and props to Kenwood Elementary School, Mrs. Morrissey, Mr. Terwilliger, Mr. Bales, Mr. and Mrs. Wolfe in the cafeteria, students, staff and volunteers for their great strides in reducing the environmental impact of the school.

While other plans were in the works, the 2019 6th grade class kicked off the school year in September 2018 with the annual pasta feed fundraiser at the Maple Ring to raise money for outdoor education. At that event, reusable water bottles were available for a minimal donation, and water from 5-gallon jugs was available to fill them. No plastic water bottles for sale at that event. The 2020 6th grade class used recyclable cups and 5-gallon jugs, too. Again, no plastic water bottles for sale there.

Mrs. Morrissey and Mr. Terwilliger, along with the Wolfes in the kitchen and students, set up a composting, recycling and reuse plan for recess and lunch snacks and food, that was implemented in August/September of 2019. It involves students and staff sorting their waste into (industrial) compost bins, recycling plastics, and re-using sturdy plastic flatware after it has been washed.

Fifth and sixth grade student teams attend the sorting bins during recess and lunch, helping students and staff sort into the proper containers. Every classroom now has a “green bin” for food and other compostable waste. In addition, Mr. Terwilliger has had a smaller-scale composting program for some years now, the results of which go onto the Kenwood School garden. The garden provides fresh veggies for school lunches, and pumpkins for the ever-popular pumpkin pies that are served and sold just prior to winter break.

This letter doesn’t address the solar panel system that was installed several years ago, nor the new water tanks that were installed since the beginning of this school year (two at approximately 6,000 gallons each). Those renewable systems could fill up another Letter to the Editor, or two!6

Great job, Kenwood School. You are showing us that a little bit at a time, we can all make a difference to our planet!

Disclaimer: I had a student in the 2019 sixth grade class at KES, and have been a part-time employee there for three years.

Chris Gooding

Kudos to Gorin for creek work

Dear Editor,

We want to give Oakmont resident and county 1st District Supervisor, Susan Gorin, a great big thank you.

After years of watching the creek in the back of our houses become so overgrown that it presented a flooding and fire danger, and after appealing to people in Oakmont, we asked Supervisor Gorin for help. She stepped up and responded to our plea.

The County Water Conservation Corps has now cleaned the creek.

Thanks again to Susan Gorin and Jon Niehaus, the Water Agency Coordinator for the county.

Jean Nattkemper
Frank and Joy Carrasquilla
Betty Ellis
Debbie Harlan
Sherri Hoefling
Kathy Schultz

Oakmont solar panels not a solution to power outages

Dear Editor,

I hope the directors of the OVA will make it clear to Oakmont residents that installation of solar panels in our parking lots will not protect our residences, or our facilities, from power outages when PG&E shuts down the grid. One home can cost as much as $15,000 to be truly energy independent. With more than 2,400 homes in Oakmont, is it realistic to think the OVA could finance such a project? But isn’t the bigger question whether or not this is an appropriate function of a homeowner association? Please have open meetings to discuss this idea before you take Oakmont down a path that loads further financial burdens on our homes.

Chuck Carleton

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