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Glen Ellen Telegram: 02/01/2020

What's with the frogs and birds?

Has anyone else noticed the morning and evening rather unseasonal cacophony? End of January is far too early for the bird wake-up alarm and for hearing the frog chorus from inside the car as you drive by each boggy spot on an evening commute. What's up with this mild winter? It leaves me feeling unsettled. I haven't had enough of the dark and the cold. I'm not ready for the spring quite yet. I'd like a few more frosty dawns with visible breath and icy windshields. A few more cozy afternoons with a cup of tea and favorite sweater. I've never felt so offended to see the daffodils in the yard begin to bloom, not just bud, actually bloom here at the end of January. Enough already…

It's really happening

The time has come for the remodel to begin and so we will all be without Eggs Glen Ellen from the Garden Court Café for a bit. Collective patience y'all; just visualize how wonderful it will be when they reopen in a much more workable and inviting space for the business and the customers alike. While the building is in process, McCormick's Mercantile has moved across the street and into the empty storefront space near The Fig Café. Be sure to pop in and visit Sheryee - don't forget that she is now offering framing services!

The Glen Ellen Historical Society announced that a plaque is being developed to help commemorate the Jim Berkland Bridge. They are accepting donations to support that pursuit. Please visit the contact link on their website at GEHS is also working closely with Glen Ellen Forum to envision, create, and install 22 historic placards around the village of Glen Ellen, also springing from the walking map and points of interest brochure that was developed last year.

The Glen Ellen Forum held its quarterly Board of Directors meeting in January and reminded everyone that elections for positions on the board will be held at the next quarterly meeting in April. Keep an ear out for more details on that process and scheduling but definitely consider stepping up to this role in the community. Another opportunity to be active on behalf of the community is to apply for the North Valley Municipal Advisory Council. The original deadline was extended to Jan. 31, but there is some rumbling that applications might be accepted after that date as well, so check with the county.

The Glen Ellen Forum will continue having monthly public meetings but also may hold several stand-alone 'topics' meetings within the next six months. The first will likely center on fire-wise and habitat friendly landscaping. Stay tuned for scheduling details. Another stand-alone meeting may focus on facing the new normal of late summer/fall power outages as individuals and as a community. Another nascent project within the forum is exploring designation of Glen Ellen as a “Dark Sky Community.” Such communities are an international recognition and you can visit to read about the history, goals, and process of designation. Due to the steadfast dedication of local folks, such as those who founded the Sonoma Mountain Preservation Group, much of our hillsides have remained relatively dark. It will be interesting to have this community conversation on how to stay dark even while we see light pollution encroaching, mostly from the west and south.

The buzz from around the bend

The next monthly general meeting of the Glen Ellen Forum is scheduled for Monday, Feb. 3, 7-8:30 p.m. in the Multipurpose Room of Dunbar Elementary School. Itzul Gutierrez from the Redwood Food Bank and Alec Peters from the Rotary Club of Glen Ellen/Kenwood will be the featured presenters. More information is available on, or jump onto their emailing list by sending a message to
Jack London Yacht Club’s Second Annual dinner.
A group from O’Donnell Lane enjoyed themselves at the Glen Ellen Yacht Club party. Seated, from left: Gary, Toby Bright, Nancy Ward, Mike Grace, Steve Thomas, Katie Everidge, Barbara Russack, Cris Everidge, Nathan Oliver, Karen Katz. Standing, left to right: Dave Walker, Bill Olson, Michael Ball, Dave Shefferman.
Jack London Yacht Club held it's 2nd Annual Dinner Auction several weeks back at Viansa Winery. It was a festive grouping with many dressed in their nautical best, including a dressed up pooch captaining in his very own yacht (purse). MC and Auctioneer Eric Jackson kept all the crew in line and entertainment was provided by The Smothers Brothers and Transcendence Theatre Company. Many boats were sold and donations made; the non-profit is well on their voyage to a successful second year of giving to the community in spirit and funds. There are limited boats still available for the April race so grab your neighbors and go in together to get your vessel to the creek. The bragging rights are worth it! Go to for more information. Finally, the Commodore reminds everyone that memberships are annual so now is the time to renew.

As always, if you have any Glen Ellen-related news to announce, please email or call 996-3352.

Do you have any Glen Ellen stories to share? Milestones? Celebrations? Email, or call 996-3352.

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