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Obituaries: 02/15/2020

Allen Clark Chamberlain, age 39

Allen Clark Chamberlain, AKA Alyoop, Babes and Papa, died on Feb. 3, 2020, of heart failure at the young age of 39, in his loving home in Sonoma.

Allen was born July 17, 1980, in San Jose, to Doug Allen Chamberlain and Sherri Smith.

From there he went to Grass Valley, Truckee, Paradise and Chico, never quite settling or finding his true place until he came to Sonoma and met the love of his life, Anastasia Riley, and started his own family.

Allen is survived by damn near all of his family and loved ones because he left this plain way too soon.

His favorites were his partner in life and love, Anastasia, her son Griffin, and the true light of his life, five-month-old Eliana, AKA Elibelly, his little Goose.

His dogs Lollypop, Meatball and Woody were always by his side and will miss their Allen too.

Allen was a handyman his entire life and in 2018 he started his own business in Sonoma, “Bearded Ninja Handyman.”

But anyone in the Valley can tell you he was much more than just the guy who showed up to fix your sink. Allen genuinely cared about each and every client he did work for. He would go above and beyond for any job, and was known for lending a helping hand far and wide. From moving a couch, repairing an appliance, wallpapering a room, building a deck, fixing your vehicle or replacing your cabinets, fixing things was his passion.

Allen was a 7-11 Pair-O-Dice Clamper and loved by all his brethren. 

Allen enjoyed disk golfing, hiking, baseball (Go Giants!), football (Go Cowboys!), and a game of pool with a cold PBR at his local dive bar. But his favorite thing ever was to just hang out at home cooking, grilling, swimming and spending time relaxing with his family. Recently his most favorite thing has been to just stare in awe at his newborn daughter. The joy that Allen drew from his family in the last years and months of his life was unsurpassed.

One only needed to look at him to see the sparkle in his eyes during his last years. He often said he had finally found his purpose and calling in life – family.

Allen’s Celebration of Life will be Feb. 15 at the Moose Lodge in Sonoma from noon to 4 p.m.

If you knew Allen closely, or in passing, please come. We will have live music, dancing, food and lots of love to remember him by. Allen hated this type of thing and wouldn’t have attended himself unless it was going be a good time, so that is what it will be.

Memorial donations to the family and Eliana’s Future Fund may be sent to 19324 Robinson Road, Sonoma, CA 95476.

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