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Publishers' Corner: 03/01/2020

Itís all about the branding

We’ve been absolutely riveted, absorbed, and captivated by the compelling drama of Harry and Meghan and their Declaration of Independence from the Royal Family across the pond, and subsequent escape to Canada for a more normal life.

Good luck with that.

Now the conversation has turned to “branding” since the couple supposedly can’t use “Royal” anymore. What on earth will they do, especially with their paltry $30 million estimated wealth?

Branding experts all over the planet are weighing in, guessing that by building “existing brand equity,” there could be a new “global brand” effort for Harry and Meghan worth $1 billion!

There’s H&M in a Buick commercial. There’s H&M at the ribbon cutting for a new Arby’s. There’s H&M selling reverse mortgages in infomercials. There’s H&M at H&M! The possibilities are endless.

If you had the wherewithal and, assuming the public cared enough, how would you brand yourself? What is a brand, anyway? A Google search of that question brought up over 15 billion results. I’m only half way through, so my knowledge is somewhat limited, but it looks like it’s how you want “you” to be perceived.

As one expert put it, “Your brand is the sum of people’s perception of your products, vision, and content.”

You know, not the real truth.

In that regard, Ann and I are starting a couple of branding programs, one for the Kenwood Press, and one for ourselves.

To start out, we’re blanketing the area with some form of “I (fill in here) the Kenwood Press”.

Such as on mattresses (I sleep with the Kenwood Press), on dog collars (I eat the Kenwood Press), at the bottom of fish bowls (I swim with the Kenwood Press), subliminally in superhero movies (Hulk smash the Kenwood Press), on satellites (I space out with the Kenwood Press) – you get the idea.

The concept is somewhat similar to our “I Read the Kenwood Press” license plate holders, which are actually a real thing by the way. And they’re free. And the paper is free, too. Which tells you that we’re not very good at monetizing or establishing a high perception value for our brand.

As for Ann and me, we now insist on being referred to as the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. After all, Harry and Meghan have had to give up those titles, so there is a vacuum and we are going to fill it. We can’t wait to meet the Queen.

Our two labs are really old, so we just bought 10 Corgis to trail around behind us. Good thing there’s a polo field nearby, because I have to start practicing with my new string of polo ponies, and Ann gets to buy a slew of hats for all those outdoor appearances with our subjects. Look for a new line of products with the A&A monogram on them – sorry, I mean the A&A brand.


– Alec

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