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Village Chat: 03/01/2020

Village Chat for March 1, 2020

Retired 3181
Only 20,000 miles and new back tires. Only $40,000.

Wanna buy a slightly used fire truck? It's a 2001 HME super-duty Type 1, designed for structure fires, and it only has 20,000 miles on it. Driven on Tuesday afternoons by fire chief's mom to bingo. Only $40,000. Your fire insurance savings alone will pay for this unique garage tchotchke in no time, and you'll be a big hit at the Fourth of July Parade, for sure.

But seriously, Kenwood Fire District's former engine No. 3181 was retired when their new fire truck showed up last year. All the old decals and stickers have been removed, but equipment-wise it is quite intact, with hoses, lights, pumps, generators, and even brand new 315/80R22.5 tires on the rear axle. It takes diesel. If you're interested, call Kenwood Fire at 822-2042.

Alexis Puerto-Holmes
Alexis will take over Bill and Dave Hikes

You've probably heard of Bill & Dave Hikes, led by Bill Myers and Dave Chalk once a month for the last 20 years. They are “retiring” in May, but only from being hike leaders, not from hiking! Alexis Puerto-Holmes, a 25-year-old Sonoma County Parks and Recreation program developer, will take over Bill & Dave Hikes, as the program becomes absorbed into the department. Alexis studied outdoor recreation at Humboldt State, and loves backpacking, watersports and other outdoor activities.

And speaking of Bill Myers, the details are still being worked out, but it looks like there will be a summer music series at Hood Mansion after all. Funky Fridays, started by Bill along with Linda Pavlak, entertained thousands on Friday evenings, bringing great musical acts to the valley, and benefitting Sonoma County Regional Parks at the same time. After volunteering countless hours to the program over the years, both Bill and Linda retired from their duties, and there was fear the music would stop altogether. But rumor has it that new folks are working with Regional Parks to bring back concerts on the lawn. We don't know what they'll call it, but it won't be Funky Fridays. Stay tuned for details, and don't put away those dancing shoes just yet.

On Saturday, March 14, St. Patrick's Church is hosting its annual St. Patrick's Day Dinner. There are still tickets available for this Irish extravaganza featuring corned beef and cabbage, potatoes, carrots, salad and dessert. Entertainment is provided by the Ward, Ahlvin, Jones Trio, and there will be all kinds of beverages available for a small donation. The party starts at 5:30 p.m., directly across the highway from the Kenwood Fire Department. To buy tickets ($25 adults, $10 children), call the church at 833-4228, ext. 1. And remember to wear green!

The following Saturday, March 21, is the Rotary Club of Glen Ellen-Kenwood's Fab Crab Fest at Valley of the Moon Winery. Tickets are still available at, so get yours today. And if you come, be prepared to spend some money! That's how the club raises funds for all the service projects they fund and work on throughout the year, which you can also find out about on their website.

The Kenwood Community Club (KCC) is looking for financial support, both for general upkeep of the historic Kenwood Depot, and for the 4th of July committee specifically. 4th of July expenses include replacing the aged-out banner that looms over Warm Springs Road every year announcing the parade, and also paying for CHP security, insurance and new barricades to corral parade entries throughout the Village in an efficient and legal manner. The committee needs about $3,000 in its account, which will be kept separate from other KCC funds, and strictly accounted for throughout the year. If you can help out, please donate through the KCC website at, or contact Parade Chairman Silvio Amantite at The 4th of July website will be open soon for people wanting to sign up for the 2020 parade. Visit for more details.

Want to see something cute? Go to our Facebook pageand look for the video of 7-day-old mountain lion kittens. They are somewhere in Kenwood. According to Dr. Quinton Martins of the Living With Lions project, the kittens were born to mountain lion P16, a 2_ to 3-year old lion who was first captured and collared for GPS tracking in March 2019. The kittens were relaxing on a steep slope while mom was out taking care of business. She was on her way back just after the video was taken. Martins stressed that at no time were these kittens handled by humans.

Here at the KP, we have a new employee, Patti Buttitta. Patti is a graphic designer and she'll be working on advertising and layout. Welcome to the team, Patti! A good way to meet Patti would be to place a display ad in this paper, so if you've been thinking of doing that, now is the time to stop by our office!

That's all for now. Keep those Village Chat cards and letters coming. It's easy to do - just email or call 833-5155 and chat me up! - AQP


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