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Publishers' Corner: 03/15/2020

How are we all doing?

We’re in a strange time with this COVID-19 situation. Here in Sonoma County things aren’t out of control … yet. Let’s hope it stays that way. Nevertheless, people are taking precautions, and it’s a good idea to check and see if any of the events listed in this issue are still taking place before you head out. Everything is accurate as of our print date, March 12.

Lots of Oakmont events have been cancelled, and given the way the virus hits older people harder, that’s probably a good idea. Parks events have not been cancelled, which, again, makes sense. You’re outside and generally not touching a lot of things that other people have touched. For the virus to spread, you have to be exposed to droplets that then enter your body via the mouth, nose or eyes, hence the advice to not touch your face. But people unconsciously touch their face up to 90 times a day, so good luck with that. The best thing to do is be an obsessive hand-washer.

What do you do when you greet people? Hugs and handshakes are out for the time being. I use the elbow tap for most occasions, but for my close friends I prefer the hip bump. I hear that over at Kenwood School the kids are doing elaborate toe tapping. By nature I am more reserved, so it’s almost a relief not to have to hug everyone, but for you huggers out there, this has got to be hard.

I went to Safeway to stock up on essentials – toilet paper, Kleenex, rice, chicken stock, wine (kidding – sort of), Lysol, Clorox. There was no hand sanitizer anywhere. When I look at my pantry it almost looks like too much – there’s a fine line between “stocking up” and hoarding.

It’s like we’re damned if we do, damned if we don’t. If we don’t go out and conduct business on a regular basis, the economy takes a huge hit. If we stay home for weeks and COVID-19 never makes a significant appearance in the county, have we wasted our time, or have we been part of the solution? Who can possibly say? If you’re in good health, not too old, and don’t have a compromised immune system or any other underlying condition that would make you vulnerable, you can probably maintain business as usual, with the caveat of not shaking hands, and washing your hands. Add in your own idiosyncrasies as needed.

If you’re really anxious, maybe go into a news blackout for a day or two. We are bombarded with dire warnings on an hourly basis. The stock market is tanking… then it’s rising… then it’s tanking again. Ack! And then there are the primaries… and the lack of rain… everything seems to be spiraling out of control. At least the dry weather has brought us a beautiful warm spring. Put down your smart phone, turn off the TV, and go outside and enjoy it. Mother Nature always has the last word anyway.

– Ann


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