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Letters to the Editor: 04/15/2020

Letters to the Editor

Thank you KFD and Easter Bunny!

Dear Editor,

Easter Sunday has always been a time when my house in Kenwood is a gathering spot for my children and grandchildren and an Easter egg hunt. Not this year.

I was missing my family and my family being together. The fire sirens went off and another fear was resurrected.

My cat, Murphy, ran to the front window with me following. Murphy jumped on the back of the couch to see the new fire truck and the Easter Bunny waving as the engine drove the loop at the school.

It made Murphy and I happy to know that someone cared enough to let all of us kids, young and old, have a little bit of celebration in this time of being alone.

Thank you Kenwood Fire Department for caring.
Pat Randall

Support local farmers through FEEDsonoma

Dear Editor,

First of all let me say you both have done a great job on the Kenwood Press and have always been supportive of my turning to you for additions in the paper you have provided our communities. I am sorry to read that you will be retiring but support you in your new quest. GOODONYA as they say in Australia!

Before you leave, I ask that you consider including a news item for your readers. FEEDsonoma is accepting members for prepared boxes of produce to be delivered to them. While they are located in Petaluma, FEEDsonoma serves communities throughout the county. I myself joined a couple weeks ago and am delighted to support farmers as they support me. FEEDsonoma originally began serving restaurants and businesses but with COVID-19, are extending their food deliveries directly to families and individuals. Produce, eggs, and honey are currently available, with meats/chicken and hopefully cheeses soon to follow. What can be better than receiving fresh picked nourishing food delivered to your door or to a central location for easy pick up? What is wonderful is that by joining, we are supporting our local farmers so that they are able to continue their productions. It is a win-win situation and kudos to the coordinators of FEEDsonoma for working so hard to provide this service! The email address is or Readers are encouraged to check out FEEDsonoma.

Thanks for getting the word out.

Linda Webster

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