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Publishers' Corner: 05/01/2020

We interrupt this program…

You’re not confused. There was no print edition of the April 15 Kenwood Press. We did put stories on our website, but we don’t assume that all of our readers look there, so this issue contains some articles that were previously posted online.

Even before we got our April 1 issue to print, things had started to change rather rapidly for almost everyone. We quickly realized that generating enough advertising revenue to publish twice a month was not feasible in the short run, so after contacting our advertisers and getting commitments from many of them, we have decided to publish one print edition a month, at least through May. That means there will be no print version of the paper for May 15, so be sure to go to on May 15 to read the next edition. We’ll be back in your mailbox on June 1, and after that, we’ll see where this economy is headed. If things are opening up, we will too, and go back to our twice-a-month schedule.

Long story short, the news isn’t stopping, just the delivery mechanism.

And please, please, support our local merchants, restaurants, landscapers, tradespeople, professionals – especially all our Kenwood Press advertisers!

Of course, it’s not just our work lives that are disrupted. We spend most of our time at home, with the occasional trip to the office, or foray into the wider world of grocery stores and drug stores. We’re so grateful to them for being open and keeping us provisioned. Thankfully, we’ve all stayed healthy so far.

But things are definitely different.

One – there’s no more wasted food around our house. Last night I made a “kitchen sink” casserole to use up odds and ends in the fridge. We had corn tortillas, some chicken stock, salsa, sour cream, a block of cheddar cheese, one chorizo sausage, and a can of chili. I layered it up like a lasagna, baked it on 325º for about 40 minutes, and it was pretty tasty, although not exactly low-cal.

Two – We’re figuring out new ways to add variety to the day. Scrabble on Sunday, trivia contests with far flung family members, some of whom are very competitive, Zoom coffee hours. Last week my mom and I drove to the top of Los Alamos Road, just to see what was there. In 27 years I’ve never been up to the gate into Hood Mountain Regional Park. Of course it’s locked now and we didn’t even get out of the car, but it was a beautiful day and it felt like such an adventure.

Three – it turns out we can get free HBO shows these days, so we watched Chernobyl, a five-episode miniseries. Hardly the cheeriest topic, but it’s eerily on point in this moment of governments trying to play catch-up with disaster.

Four – Speaking of disaster, pretty soon we’re going to have to learn how to cut hair. Alec gets off easy, but I either have to cut my own hair, or get him to do it for me. Neither one of these options inspires confidence.

Five – I think my brain has turned to mush. What day is it? Why can’t I accomplish any of the things on my list – learn to play chess, study Spanish, finish War and Peace? Thank God we don’t have young children to home school; we’d have a bunch of truants on our hands.

Actually, mental health professionals say that we should all cut ourselves (and each other) some slack. We couldn’t agree more!

– Ann

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