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Glen Ellen Telegram: 06/01/2020

Glen Ellen Telegram

It’s really hot and I’m tired. I miss hugging my friends. It’s nearing the end of May, which is flat-out weird. Nothing seems right. A never-ending March gave way to a lightening fast April, who then handed it over to Schrödinger’s May, a month that has simultaneously dragged and sped along. My 17-year-old has near ‘bout flipped day/night schedules and my 13-year-old has basically given up on “school.” Official kid summer starts next week but we are in limbo, having cancelled some bigger travel plans and now trying to decide what feels right. Enjoying more time together, to a point – you hear me, I know you do. Saving a lot on gas and getting very good at the left-overs/zero waste game. Grocery shopping once every 14 days, ordering take-out (including cocktails to-go, what a wonderful allowance!), evening Zooms with friends from days gone by. Everything is upside down, good and bad. Predictable and yet completely out of control. If I see you at the market please know that I am smiling at you through the mask – you’ll probably see it in my eyes. Still waiting for the beach to open locally. Perhaps a low-tide coastal visit will help me to reset this funk … properly social distanced, of course.

The Glen Ellen Fair Association folks report that the #GlenEllenStrong t-shirt fundraiser was a success and the shirts should be arriving to those who ordered them very soon. Proceeds will go back into the community – more on that next month. Remember that the 30th annual fair is scheduled for Sunday, Oct. 11, 12-5 p.m. Planning is continuing as normal but they are unable (currently) to sell quilt raffle tickets in person. Raffle tickets can be purchased by mail – checks made out to Glen Ellen Fair Association can be sent to P.O. Box 96, Glen Ellen, CA 95442. Raffle ticket prices are three for $5, seven for $10, and 15 for $20. Specify your name and contact phone number so that the tickets can be filled out appropriately. Raffle donations go back into the community. The winner will be selected on Oct. 11, rain, shine, snow, or pandemic. The next Glen Ellen Fair planning meeting is scheduled for Monday, June 8, at 6:30 p.m. This will be a Zoom meeting; please email to be placed on the email list for meeting and event information.

The buzz from around the bend

Parks are back open, including open space at Sonoma Developmental Center. Local writer and published hiking guide author Tracy Salcedo has been tasked to map out a variety of trails in the open space, and she is really enjoying the opportunity to use her expertise and passion in her own “backyard.” She reports many people out enjoying the lovely wilds on our end of the valley. You know who else is out? BEARS! Several (or perhaps all the same one?) have been spotted both on the Mayacamas and on the Sonoma Mountain sides of the valley. Keep your eyes open and send photos/videos to Sonoma Ecology Center, Sonoma Mountain Preservation, or Sonoma Land Trust.

Jack London State Historic Park is open again, 9 a.m.-5 p.m. daily, with historic area, trails, and rest-rooms available. The visitor center, cottage, water fountains and picnic areas are closed for now. Requirements to visit: “Park visitors must comply with social distancing, hygiene, and face covering requirements. Stay at least six feet from others outside of your household group. Carry a face covering at all times. Coverings must be worn outside when you cannot stay six feet from others. Do not go to a park if you are sick. Do not use group facilities. Do not use drinking fountains; carry water. When parking, please observe social distancing protocols. We may need to close the parking lots if the park becomes too crowded.”

The Glen Ellen Forum monthly meeting will be held via Zoom on Monday, June 1, 6:30 p.m. The link to the meeting is up at and on the Facebook page. The agenda will include an unveiling of the “Hey Neighbor” community spirit compilation, committee updates, and two guest speakers, D’mitra Smith (Vice Chair County of Sonoma Commission on Human Rights) and George Loyer (Dark Sky Association). To stay up to date with the happenings, request to join the email mailing list at

Do you have any Glen Ellen stories to share? Milestones? Celebrations? Email, or call 996-3352.

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