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Village Chat: 07/15/2020

Village Chat -- July 15, 2020

The 4th of July was very quiet this year, by Kenwood standards. No footraces, no parade... or was there? 


We received word from Bridget Paul that indeed there was a footrace that morning. Around a dozen people, adults and kids, raced, walked and biked from Kenwood School over to Treehaven, past the KP office here at the shopping center, down Clyde to Libby, and back to the school for a distance of approximately 2.5 miles. Bridget said it was actually a competitive race, socially distanced, of course. 

"Edwin Jetlab won by a tenth of a second! We had two bikers 10-year-old Allie Platt and 3-year-old Raj Julio, next to his dad Rey who ran and pushed a stroller with little Levi, and a walker who ran for a strong finish - Elaine Marshall!" Bridget said. They even made T-shirts and had supporters. Fun!

Kenwood Fire Engine 

And we had a parade, too. It was a little smaller. OK, a lot smaller. But an enthusiastic royal procession, led by the Kenwood Fire Department, wound its way through the village to the delight of waving subjects. 

July 4 king and queen 

This year's Kenwood King and Queen were recent high school graduates Agustin Reiter and Angela Amantite. Angela had other royal duties to attend to on July 4, so Brianna Borgfeldt stepped into her shoes, riding  atop the royal carriage with Agustin and Royal Court members Dakota Borgfeldt and Linda Ockuly.

Kenwood 4th of July Princesses (L to R) Sadie Stolkin, Kaya Forney, Megan Smulan, Annabelle Demarest, Ella Palter and Calais Cuellar. 

In another royal conveyance sat the Kenwood Princesses - Kaya Forney, Sadie Stolkin, Megan Smulan, Annabelle Demarest, Ella Palter and Calais Cuellar. All had perfected the royal wave, described by one expert as a "vertical hand with a slight twist from the wrist, a classy affair that oozes decorum but doesn't get too excitable." Well done, ladies!

Agustin and Angela both graduated from Maria Carrillo High School in May. Agustin is headed to U.C. Berkeley, and Angela will attend Santa Rosa Junior College in the fall, where we hope they will have at least some in-person classes. 

If you have your own graduation news, please send it to us. We love to hear what people are doing and where they're heading, even in these strange times - or especially in these strange times!

Elizabeth_QuirozP.E.O. Chapter JO has been busy providing continuing education grants for women, recently giving a $3,000 grant to Elizabeth Quiroz, a Sonoma State University student majoring in Sociology. Congratulations, Elizabeth, and thanks to all the hard-working P.E.O. members!

Mural at Jack London Saloon 

Have you noticed the mural at the Jack London Saloon? The creative minds of the Glen Ellen Forum projects committee, led by BJ Blanchard and Laurie Pile, created a beautiful mural for the Jack London Saloon inspired by Sonoma Mountain. The committee approached Jack London Lodge owner Mehul Patel with the idea of a mural to brighten up the plywood covering the front windows of the Saloon after a recent attempted break-in during the COVID-19 shutdown. Mr. Patel immediately granted permission to the Forum to create the original work.  The mural is temporary, but hopes to find a permanent home in the future, perhaps at Dunbar School.


In the June Publishers' Corner I wrote about my battle with the elements in the vegetable garden, specifically when it came to sunflowers. They kept bending over practically to the ground, sometimes actually creasing their stalks, and I kept staking them up, weeding, watering, fertilizing, and bird-netting them. What a bunch of prima donnas. But in the end, I got what I wanted, a cheery and beautiful patch of sunflowers. And they attract honey bees - a win-win. Here's a picture to brighten your day.

That's all for now. Thank you, everyone, for sending in your news and photos. You can do it, too. Just email, or call 833-5155 and chat me up! - AQP

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