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Publishers' Corner: 08/01/2020

Nut and bolts

We’ve been getting lots of questions about the Kenwood Press and its future ever since we announced we are, after 25 years, retiring at the end of the year and the paper is for sale.

Happily, we’ve gotten a lot of interest and a number of inquiries from folks who have been kicking the tires, looking under the hood, checking the oil, counting the number of pencils we have, etc.

Whether things will work out eventually remains to be seen, but we are committed to making something work even though this period of time may not be the best for selling a small business, which might be the understatement of the year.

However, a community newspaper is different than a widget factory. People’s desire for widgets may go up and down. Do I really need a new widget? Can I get by with my old widget another year? I am definitely not getting my kids more widgets this month! Basic Econ 101.

Obviously, a small newspaper is a different kind of economic animal. When do you NOT need community news? And, on top of that, it’s free. It doesn’t cost the reader anything, and can be passed around to others at no cost until it’s recycled. See, we’re part of the green economy!

The paper has been completely supported by revenue from advertisers over the last three decades, for which we and the rest of the community are eternally thankful. The Kenwood Press wouldn’t exist without advertisers. So when you need goods or services, go to our advertisers first! And if you’ve been thinking of advertising, or trying to figure out a way to reach everyone in Glen Ellen, Kenwood and Oakmont, you know where to go…

People wonder what the benefits are to running this publication. There are many.

In what other business on a normal day can you do things like: direct someone to the post office (It’s five feet away, sir), conduct an interview, try to sell an ad, create an ad, jump start someone’s car, sell a ticket for a Kenwood School spaghetti feed, sell a book for a local author, talk to the sheriff’s office, send out an invoice, wrangle with an email issue (thanks, Google), go take a picture of some turkeys, take a picture of the Jack London Yacht Race (hazard pay for sure), slog through a local development’s Environmental Impact Report, complain to the landlord about crows strewing garbage out of the dumpster, give someone a Kenwood Press license holder, install aforementioned license plate holder, take an application for the Kenwood 4th of July parade, sit through a Board of Supervisors meeting, sit through a Sonoma Valley Citizens Advisory Committee meeting, sit through a fire board meeting, attend a community town hall, interview a new business owner, go to Santa Rosa to pull a file at Permit Sonoma, snoop around on the computers at Sonoma County Superior Court, speak at the Oakmont Kiwanis Club, try to get help after messing something up on the paper’s Facebook page (good luck), argue with your colleagues about the use of a semicolon, etc.

OK, not all in one day but you get the picture. Who wouldn’t want to take over the paper?

Wait, excuse us, the New York Times is on the phone.

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