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Publishers' Corner: 09/15/2020

New owners, same Kenwood Press

We are very happy to announce that we have entered into a contract to sell the Kenwood Press. As we broadcast earlier this year, we are retiring at the end of December.

Our criteria for new ownership was to find a person or persons who would already be active in the community, have a deep love for this area, have the requisite skill set, and have a commitment to continuing the paper as a valuable source of independent journalism for northern Sonoma Valley and beyond.

Well, we found those people.

They are Melissa Dowling and Paul Goguen, a Glen Ellen couple who are well-known to many of our readers. Melissa is the president of the board of directors of the Glen Ellen Forum, which under her leadership has grown into a vibrant, effective community group. She is also an alternate on the new North Valley Municipal Advisory Council. She has a background in human resources and technology management with PeopleSoft, the United Nations, and Bloomberg, among others.

Paul has worked for various media organizations for 18 years, including Bloomberg News as a journalist and photographer.

Melissa and Paul have boundless energy and enthusiasm, great people skills, and, importantly, an excellent sense of humor (it helps). They love the local, hometown feel of the Kenwood Press, and are committed to keeping everything you like about the paper, such as relevant news and information, Crime Watch, Village Chat, Out & About, Fire Calls, and columnists such as Shannon Lee and Jim Shere. In addition Kenwood Press founder and chief bottle washer Jay Gamel will continue to write news stories and contribute his technical skills, while remaining an important ambassador for the Kenwood Press.

Going forward, Melissa and Paul have ideas for making the paper even better, and doing things we always wanted, but have never had time to do. So stay tuned!

When a business turns over after many years of the same ownership, people often worry what the change will mean. The Kenwood Press is the community’s paper, and will remain so. The paper exists because you all let us know what’s going on – you send your events, news, photos, letters, columns, advertisements, etc. The owners are simply the captains that steer the ship straight ahead, in this case that ship is the USS Kenwood Press.

And think about this – the Garden Court Café in Glen Ellen, which has been around for decades, has had four different owners since we moved here in 1994, and even changed locations. And you know what? The eggs Benedict are still delicious, and we go back over and over again (can’t wait for the reopening!) Melissa and Paul will keep the Kenwood Press delicious!

Melissa and Paul have been and will continue to work with us for the rest of the year on the transition, and we will officially turn the paper over on Jan. 1, 2021. Make sure you stop by and say hello. Please continue to support the Kenwood Press! The paper is an integral part of your community and has been in print for over 30 years. Let’s go for 30 more!

– Alec and Ann

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