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Letters to the Editor: 10/01/2020

Letters to the Editor -- October 1, 2020

Lucky to have VJB

Dear Editor

I just read the letter (Sept. 15 issue), penned by Kathy Pons, to the Kenwood Press.

I must say if times are not tough enough some choose to heap more on the pile. Instead of trying to help business succeed, providing jobs, bringing more income to the community and helping to create the mystic of The Valley of The Moon, some choose to restrict, in any way possible for instance using septic issues. Based on what we all face today I believe every effort government can make to help business not only survive but succeed is in the best interest of our community. If turn lanes are needed they should be installed.

I live in Oakmont and have visited VJB on numerous occasions. I have never encountered difficulty either arriving or leaving the property. All I can say is on every occasion my wife and I and our guests have always been made to feel at home. I think our county is lucky to have folks like the Belmontes and their wonderful staff here.

The Belmonte family are long time residents of Sonoma and I am sure their hearts are with the community.

Richard Schwartz

Response to “Enough is Enough”

Dear Editor,

Thank you so much Valley of the Moon Alliance for you letter in the Sept. 15 of the Kenwood Press.

As a Shaw Avenue homeowner, I strongly support their recommendations. I am at a loss as to why after what I see as eight long years; this is still ongoing. I go back and forth between Shaw and my business a few blocks away a few times a day so I’m very, very familiar with what happens on this highway; my office window fronts the highway as well. There are a ton of cars that pass through Kenwood doing well over the 45 posted speed limit. Trying to turn off this highway at almost any spot with the exception of the shopping center where there is a turn lane, is not only difficult; in front of VJB, you take your life in your hands. Patrons standing outside, limos stop right in front loading patrons, and let’s talk the biggest tour busses ever sitting in the shade at Shaw park idling with the A/C on. The employees park on both sides of Shaw, which chokes the roadway down completely on the weekends. While VJB is entitled to run a thriving business, this has been at the neighbor’s expense for far too long. On any given day, during COVID as well, the number of guests are way too many for our small village and their site.

To all impacted Kenwoodians – Please send a letter to Permit Sonoma and Susan Gorin. They’re very well aware of what’s going on and I honestly don’t understand how this has gotten to where it is with no relief in site. Who gets to continue operating like this anyway? Do you think your business would get away with this? I know mine wouldn’t!

Nicki Artieres, Kenwood

VJB deserves support

Dear Editor,

In reference to the Sept. 15 Kenwood Press letter “Enough is Enough” regarding VJB Winery. What I find so difficult to understand is the position taken by Ms. Pons representing Valley of The Moon Alliance. One would think an organization that supposedly represents residents of our valley would give serious consideration to the businesses, especially the small businesses, and folks whose work support our community. My understanding is the family who own VJB have long provided jobs and support for the residents of Sonoma County.

I would hope that the county would help VJB rectify any issues (be it turn lanes or septic issues) and let them move on helping make our valley a wonderful place to visit.

Sheri Bell, Oakmont

Vote for Cuclis

Dear Editor,

Gina Cuclis, the Vice President of the Sonoma County Board of Education, is seeking re-election. I have known Gina for many years and am extremely impressed with her public service accomplishments, her professionalism, ethics, and sincere concern about educational issues. She’s lived and raised her children in Sonoma Valley for 34 years and has held several public offices. She is extremely knowledgeable with the Valley’s issues. Her successes on the County Board of Education include: expanding career technical education, creating unique mental health services, and practicing responsible budget management to be prepared for the economic uncertainties ahead.

As a teacher, resident, parent, and grandparent living in Sonoma Valley, I worry that newcomers running for political office may not be sufficiently familiar with the Valley’s history, culture, and concerns to appropriately address important local and county issues. Gina’s opponent lost her re-election to the Cloverdale School Board in November 2016 and then moved to Santa Rosa.

I believe it is extremely important to retain public officials in our Valley with successful track records, particularly during these challenging times. I encourage anyone concerned with the current and future of Sonoma Valley’s and Sonoma County’s public education system to vote for Gina in November.

Wanda Smith, Oakmont

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