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Village Chat: 10/15/2020

Village Chat for Oct. 15, 2020

Not surprisingly, lots of people got busy feeding firefighters during the Glass Fire, and Kenwood Fire Department was the happy recipient of much delicious food, which was a good thing as crews from all over the state used the Kenwood Fire station as a base and there were a lot of people to be supported.
Food at Kenwood Fire Station during Glass Fire
Douglas Todd (left) and Tyler Bellach help Denise Benguerel at the Kenwood Fire station during the Glass Fire.
There's a long list of people to thank, first and foremost, Denise and Joe (Frenchy) Benguerel.

“I really want to thank Denise and Joe for their tremendous support at the station,” said Fire Chief Daren Bellach. “They answered phones, prepared meals, organized the Explorers, and were here day and night 24/7.”

Frenchy also wants to make sure Denise gets her props. He emailed us to say, “Of course you all know that Denise did work hours on end, from answering phones to making sure that all food was ordered, prepared, set out and those that needed special care were taken care of. She spent the first three nights on duty till early morning, and slept in the van at the station. I just helped her. She would send me off for a nap or the night. Daren's two boys worked like real troopers. Also, other Explorers helped. Tyler Bellach cooked breakfast early morning for our crews; French toast, eggs, bacon or pancakes and sausage. Lucas kept all the coolers full of waters and ice. All of them pitched in during food service, setting up the line under Denise's planning. What a crew we had. Daren and the Explorer parents can be very proud of them. Of course I am very proud of Denise. She made things work so well.”

Denise wants to be sure to give huge thanks to the following local people and businesses who chipped in:

The Kenwood Dentist Keith Boxerman, Palooza Brewery & Gastropub Joseph Collard and Jeff and Suzette Tyler, Tips Roadside Andrew and Susie Pryfogle, Las Diablitas Taco Shop (Sonoma) owners Wendy and Edgar Medrano live in Kenwood, Baker & Cook Bakery and Café (Sonoma) owners Nick and Jen Demarest live in Kenwood, Susan and Darryl Bellach parents of Chief Bellach, Kenwood Market & Deli owners Sam and Lakhwinder Singh, Nugget Market/Sonoma Market Store Director Cody Moody, Halter Project Large Animal Rescue Julie Atwood, Healdsburg Bar and Grill, The Red Grape (Sonoma) and Park Avenue Catering (Cotati) all contributed delicious food over the course of the week, Dennis and Karen Martin parents of Kenwood Firefighter Dean Martin.

World Central Kitchen
(a non profit, non-governmental organization devoted to providing meals in the wake of natural disasters) served hundreds, if not thousands, of meals to all of the firefighters, first responders, strike teams, volunteers and even provided meals to the kitchens that serve those in need in Santa Rosa.

Denise added, “Special thanks to our kitchen helpers Joe Benguerel, Nick and Jen Demarest, Amy Miller, and Sue Infante. Extra, extra special thanks to the team of Fire Explorers (Ethan Platt, Kayla Vance, Jake Peck) led by hard working and tireless Tyler Bellach. There were endless pots and pans, dishes, glasses, etc., to wash with nary a complaint from any of them. Even youngsters Lucas Bellach and Allie Rose Platt showed up to give a hand the last couple of days. We were so appreciative and thank them all!

“There were many others who offered to help and provide, but we were already pretty well set and didn't need anything more. We are equally grateful to those folks as well. It is so good to know that the community backs us up and comes forward with offers like they do. We LOVE Kenwood!”
O’Donnell Lane neighbors
O’Donnell Lane neighbors gathered on Oct. 9 for the three-year anniversary of the Nunn’s Fire.
Over in Glen Ellen, O'Donnell Lane neighbors gathered on Oct. 9 to mark the third anniversary of the Nuns Fire. Many of them were burned out, but have now rebuilt and moved back home. Jill Dawson sent a photo and wrote, “It was a good gathering of neighbors. We stopped at a number of homes and heard some fire stories, got to see some great yards, welcomed newcomers and generally celebrated how far this little neighborhood has come in recovery. At the far end of the lane Cal Fire even showed up. Pretty awesome evening!”
Twins Alex and Dean LemMon
Brothers Alex (left) and Dean LemMon with their back-to-back North Coast Junior League Golf Chmpionship trophies. Alex won the tournament this year, and Dean won in 2019.
You could say that high school sophomores and twins Alex and Dean LemMon are pretty good golfers. Between the two of them, they've won North Bay Junior League Championships two years in a row. From a competitive final match field of 64 players, Alex captured the 2020 North Bay Junior League Golf Championship, and Dean was the reigning 2019 champion during his freshman year. Each year's matches were held at several Sonoma County golf courses and the final match was held at Santa Rosa Golf and Country Club. Impressive back to back for these Maria Carrillo varsity golfers!

That's all for now. Thanks, everyone, for sending in your news and pictures. It's easy to do - just email or call 833-5155 and chat me up! - AQP


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