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News: 12/15/2020

Not-so-special delivery

Kenwood Press side on left; Post Office on right.

Early on the morning of Dec. 8, deputies responded to an alarm going off at the Kenwood Press office at 8910 Sonoma Hwy. in Kenwood.

Upon arriving at the business, they found the back door open, and inside, a hole had been punched through the wall between the Kenwood Press and the lobby of the adjacent U.S. Post Office.

The post office lobby is open to the public 24/7 in order for patrons to access their mailboxes.

Business owner Alec Peters met the deputies on site to answer any questions. It did not appear that anything had been stolen.

On the Post Office side of the hole, a straight vertical cut in the drywall was evident, made by a sharp object of some kind. A boot print was found on the wall next to the hole.

Deputies surmised that the hole was started on the post office side, with the perpetrator breaking and peeling back the drywall, removing the insulation, and then breaking the drywall on the other side, gaining entry to the Kenwood Press office.

Likely, the intruder was quickly scared off by the blaring alarm, leaving by the back door that leads into the alley.

The working theory is that the would-be thief thought he was breaking into another part of the post office in hopes of stealing mail and packages, but instead found himself in an office full of old computers, dirty coffee cups and 30 years of Kenwood Press back issues.

Deputies checked security cameras in the shopping center, but did not see anything suspicious. There are no cameras in the lobby of the post office.

An investigation is ongoing by the Sonoma County Sheriff’s office and a U.S. Postal inspector.

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