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Politics on Tap: 12/01/2015

They’re off and running

It’s official. The 2016 election campaign cycle is well underway in Sonoma’s First Supervisorial District, with an incumbent and challenger starting their fundraising efforts well ahead of the election.

Challenger Gina Cuclis will host her kickoff fundraiser in Sonoma the first week of December. Incumbent Susan Gorin began fundraising last summer, and held her kickoff party back in November.

Raising money for these races can be a brutal process, with each candidate looking to raise well over $200,000 to reach out to prospective voters. They need money to pay for advertising, mailers, posters and people to help carry their message to the voting citizens of the district.

“We hold these events for people to meet and talk to Gina,” said Cuclis’ campaign manager Deborah Rogers. “A lot of the costs of running are paying for the media, advertising, and handouts, signage that goes into yards and is often stolen, the donation envelopes. We also have to pay for travel and help.” Other major expenses can be the cost of hiring election consultants and campaign managers, though sometimes those services are volunteered.

Gorin expects to raise over $200,000 and predicts final costs could run well over $250,000 after all the expenses are totaled. She has already had two fundraisers, including her kickoff party.

Cuclis’ party takes place on Dec. 6 at the Annex Wine Bar in Sonoma and will have plenty of food and drink on hand. There will be auctions and other fund raising activities.

You can find out more about these candidates at and


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