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Politics on Tap: 04/15/2020

County acts on succession, child care, road funding

In view of the deadly Coronavirus outbreak, county supervisors made contingency plans if any become sidelined or worse during the epidemic. Supervisor vacancies that normally take months to fill would not be viable under current circumstances. This has happened three times in the First District over the past 30 years. The ordinance listed the designees can be found here

Sonoma's five supervisors each designated three people who could serve in their place if needed until regular replacement mechanisms could be instigated. In the First District, Supervisor Susan Gorin has designated her district manager, Pat Gilardi as her number one pick. “God forbid,” Gilardi said, but she's ready to step up if needed. She has an extensive background in local government and has been Gorin's closest aide for nine years.

Sonoma Mayor Logan Harvey is the number two pick, and Victoria Fleming is number three. Fleming is on the county Commission on the Status of Women. Four of the five supervisor's top picks are women.

The picks were approved on April 14.

Childcare needs

The Department of Human Services presented the 2019 Sonoma County Child Care Assessment Report to the Board of Supervisors on April 14. Some interesting takeaways from the report include the fact that while the overall county population has declined by 3.7 percent since 2014, the number of children 12 and under has declined by 9.3 percent, leaving slightly less than 67,000 kids here as of 2019. About 10 percent of those children live below the federal poverty line.

The ethnic breakdowns are 45 percent Hispanic, 42 percent Anglo, with small percentages of Asian, Afro-American, and 'Other.'

There are 460 children in child protective service.

There are 1,092 children from migrant families.

With a demand for 25,492 childcare spaces, there was a shortfall of 4,655 spaces.

Road projects funded

SB1 continues to provide state largess for local road maintenance through increased gas taxes, with $10,500,000 for FY 2020-2021. The county supervisors approved countywide projects, including striping and intersection stenciling for Glen Ellen and Kenwood, and culvert repairs on Lawndale and Trinity roads. There are no dates scheduled for the work yet, but that money is in the bank.

The Board of Supervisors has portioned out $93 million in General Funds for road repairs since 2012 which has resulted in improvements to 382 miles of county roads by the Department of Transportation and Public Works, according to the Staff Report.


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